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The Unforgivable Father: 10 Worst dads in Anime

unforgivable father


Published on August 14, 2018

A father is somebody who’s 50% responsible for bringing you into this world and 100% responsible for raising you. Everybody needs somebody to look up to, and for most people, it’s their dad. However what happens if this important person in your life turns out to be the cause of all your pain? Sometimes a man can just be an unforgivable father. We give you the worst ten fathers whom we just cannot acquit.

10. Genma Saotome from Ranma ½

genma unforgivable father

Genma is in no way the worst dad in history, however a few of his actions do make him a huge butt. First of all he’s self-centered, he only looks out for himself instead of caring for those around him. Secondly, he’s also somewhat of a coward. He’s quick to running away and avoiding confrontations. The only thing that’s on his mind is food.

9. Azami Nakiri from Food Wars

azami unforgivable father

This guy is completely egoistic and has a creepy obsession with his food needing to be absolutely perfect. Although he appears to look calm, he’s pretty much psychotic inside. He does not care about his own daughter and is even abusive towards her. On many occasions he has manipulated and used her, only for his personal gain. In essence, he’s a horrible man and an unforgivable father.

8. Sabato Rokudo from Rin-ne

sabato unforgivable father

Sabato is on our list of unforgivable fathers because he’s been such a terrible dad to Rinne the protagonist. When Rinne was a kid, he used to steal from his piggy bank, and even as an adult he would take out large sums of money in his son’s name, leaving Rinne in debt. He’s also a sleazy womanizers who has countless women fawning over him.

7. Dario Brando from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

dario unforgivable father

Dario is a corrupted alcoholic father who is the main reason for his son’s path into immorality. Like all fathers on this list, he only cares about things that benefit him. Although he is not a prominent character in the series, he makes a lasting impression due to his notorious acts. He’s so exploitive and abusive that he forced his wife to work to death.

6. Charles zi Britannia from Code Geass

charles unforgivable father

Another ruthless and abusive dad on our list of unforgivable fathers. Charles zi Britannia is the main antagonist of the series, even though he is the main character’s dad. Although he was intelligent, he was full of wrath. He believed in ‘survival of the fittest’, thinking that only those deemed worthy would rise up in society. He has no sense of family and has even told his son Lelouch that he never meant anything to him.

5. Endeavor from My Hero Academia

endeavor unforgivable father

Endeavor or Enji Todoroki is a pompous dude who wants to create something better than the topmost hero All Might. The sole purpose he married Rei and had kids with her was to create a child with both their powers, who could be strong enough to best All Might. Due to his ambitious but narrow minded and egoistic goal, he was a terrible father figure to his kids, especially Shouto Todoroki. He constantly forced harsh ideals onto Shouto, who grew up to resent him.

4. Rasa Kazekage from Naruto

rasa unforgivable father

Gaara’s father Rasa is the reason why he became so isolated as a child. Rasa did not let his siblings Kankuro and Temari be around him that much and he was always cold towards Gaara.
Even in the series during one occasion, he chooses the wellbeing of his village than his own son.

3. Gendo Ikari from Neon Genesis Evangelion

gendo unforgivable father

Gendo is NERV’s commander and the protagonist Shinji Ikari’s father. He abandoned Shinji when he was just a baby and for the most part of the series, is very cold and distant towards him. He only seems to care for his son when he sees personal profit from it. For him, Shinji isn’t a son but just a means to obtain his ends. There are some hints that Gendo himself grew up in a childhood full of turmoil, which could explain the way he treats Shinji, but we aren’t completely sure about that.

2. Gambino from Berserk

gambino unforgivable father

He is Guts’ adoptive father from the series Berserk. He is the one who taught Guts how to fight. However, he isn’t really anything of a good role model. He is careless and irresponsible towards Guts. Harboring no feelings of fatherness at all, he sold Guts to a man named Donovan for one night, so he could rape Guts. All of these reasons is why Gambino makes an unforgivable father.

1.Shou Tucker from Fullmetal Alchemist

shou tucker unforgivable father

Shou Tucker is #1 on our list because he committed a crime so heinous he’s become an unforgivable father. There is nothing in the world that would allow us to forgive or forget what he did to his daughter and their dog. His daughter, Nina, trusted him completely, but he was so merciless he transmuted her with their pet dog Alex. Not only this, but we find out that he’s done similar awful things in the past.


Therefore we conclude the list of men who did an absolutely terrible job of raising their kids, or actually, some of them didn't even raise their children. What did you think about them? Do these fathers deserve to be called fathers? Or are they in the end, an unforgivable father? Let us know in the comments below!

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