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7 Characters that can beat Saitama

Saitama is a ridiculously powerful character who only needs one punch/blow to defeat his opponent thus naming his series ‘One Punch Man’. Though, Saitama is indeed invincible in his series many people tend to make him combat with other characters from other series and stories. There are thousands and thousands...

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Top 10 Best Spring 2021 Anime

For anime enthusiasts, Spring 2021 has been a wholesome and emotional rollercoaster ride filled with thriller, mystery and action. Therefore, Let’s look at the top 10 best spring 2021 anime which made our hearts bloom too. Conclusion A lot of anime from spring 2021 is likely to be the best...

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5 Anime that Missed the Opportunity to Greatness

All the anime watchers at some point may have watched an anime and thought “Such a missed opportunity. If they had done certain things this anime would have been so good.” Today I’ll be presenting you 5 anime that I’ve watched which made my mind to repeat the exact statement...