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Top 10 Unique Spring Anime of 2020

My Next Life As Villainess


Published on July 19, 2020

Spring is known as the season of meetings and farewells. With the world being in chaos this Spring 2020, there were hardly any meetings. Regardless, many anime still accompanied us in these unfavourable circumstances.

So, let's look onto the top 10 new spring anime 2020 which blossomed and cheered us up.

1. Tower of God

Spring anime 2020 - Tower of God

What do you desire? Honour and Pride? Power and Influence? Money and riches? Revenge? Or... To transcend all such things?

Adapted from the popular webtoon of the same title, Tower of God totally stood up to our expectations. Even though a lot of monologue from the webtoon was missed, it still turned out to be good.

The story revolves around Bam who's the only light in the world is Rachel. For Bam just staying with her is enough but Rachel wishes for more in life. The anime is about desires and wishes and a Tower which can make them come true.

Everyone's fighting for something and because of something. The dynamic of the storyline and the relatability to the characters is what makes this anime so awesome.

It shows the deepest and darkest human desires and the capability of human to move forward. Humans driven by desire, pride, power or love, the anime explores a lot of side of humans which is so intimidating to watch. Tower of God easily passes as the best spring anime of 2020.

Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Mystery

2. My Next Life As Villainess: All Routes Lead To Doom!

My Next Life As Villainess - Spring anime 2020

Just seeing it from a different spot.. makes the world look so different.
- Alan

Everybody wants to be reborn into the Otome game as a hero or heroine and experience love. But, this anime shows the standpoint and struggles of a villain.

The anime is so wholesome with various lovable character and our oblivion main character, Katarina Claes who has actually reborn as an antagonist. Being born as the antagonist, she knows her fate is to be doomed but it's so enjoyable to watch her fight. This time, not the hero or heroine fights her fate to survive and win but a villain does.

We see a whole different world when we look onto it from the villain's perspective. The character developments and storyline is so amazing and enjoyable. The anime has beautiful visuals too. My next life as a villainess is hilariously brilliant anime. It's totally enjoyable and also is the most unique spring anime 2020.

It's an anime even non-otaku can admire as it puts a smile on our faces.

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, School

3. Kakushigoto

Kakushigoto - spring anime 2020

What is your secret?
Have you ever kept a secret?

Well, we probably have and we all know the struggles of keeping a secret. Bigger the secret, greater the struggles. Hence, this anime is all about secrets. But rather than the tragedy of keeping a secret, the anime shows the comedic part of it.

And, Kakushigoto has definitely succeeded in balancing the comedy and the tragedy of the story. The animation is beautiful and the mysterious vibe of the anime is very bewitching. We don't know what next episode brings, it may make us chuckle or cry.

Kakushigoto has lots and lots of beautiful wordplay and it just unlocks the whole elegance of the Japanese language.

The anime takes you on a whole emotional rollercoaster as a father who makes inappropriate manga struggles to hide it from his young daughter. The anime is totally amazing and worth your time.

Genre: Comedy, Shounen, Slice of Life

4. Arte

Arte Spring anime 2020

If I'm going to regret either way, then I want to have regretted doing what I want to do"
- Arte

Renaissance-era is very well known for being the era of rebirth. Rebirth of classical philosophy, literature and art. Anime Arte shows us the beauty and struggles of that era.

The anime revolves around Arte who wants to be an artist. As a female and a noble, being an artist was not taken very positively in that era. Thus, Arte leaves her comfortable life as noble and sets out to become an artist. But becoming a female artist is much more overwhelming than she expected. The storyline is beautiful and so is the character.

She's probably one of the most well-written anime female protagonist in the whole decade.

She's strong and yet graceful. She's honest, witty and just so hardworking that you just cannot stop admiring her. No matter how much she's demotivated by others she always smiles and works on to improve herself which I think is very beautiful. Her character development and her struggles to be accepted is very motivating and charming.

It's a total must-watch anime since it brings a breath of fresh air with its exceptional storyline and outstanding protagonist.

Genre: Drama, Historical, Romance, Seinen, Slice of Life

5. Gleipnir

Gleipnir - Spring anime 2020

Average high school student Shuuichi Kagaya has suddenly started turning into a monster. He's trying his best to hide it until he meets Claire. Claire manipulates Shuuichi into helping her to take revenge on her sister.

And thus they get involved in a bigger story than they had expected. The storyline is very interesting and it gets better and better with each episode.

The relationship between the two main characters is very unique and remarkable.

The mystery keeps us going and characters are compelling. It's totally worth watching. 

Genre: Action, Ecchi, Mystery, Seinen, Supernatural

6. Wave, Listen To Me!

Wave, listen to me spring anime 2020

Do you think radio is outdated or in the brink of extinction?  Well then this anime reminds you of the prominence of radio.

The beauty of listening to someone's voice in the lonely nights and the beauty of radio itself. Well.... not really. Since our Radio Jockey is not someone with a gentle voice. She's a wild person with even wilder stories and real-life experiences.

The anime is not as emotional as it comes off, it's actually very hilarious and fun.

Minare Koda is hands down a very epic female protagonist. She's reckless, fierce and so endearing. The concept is very raw and new and the anime is very weird in a lovable way (like Gintama). It's an anime for everyone since it not only binds itself to a certain genre but hilariously presents all of them in its stories.

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance, Seinen

7. Woodpecker Detective's Office

Woodpecker Detective's Office

If Woodpecker Detective's office were to be described in three words, it'll be: Poetry, Mystery and Beauty. The anime has a beautiful art style and soundtrack. The woodpecker spiritually means to be kind and cautious which Ishikawa's Detective Office indeed is.

Ishikawa is a genius and carefree poet. He turns into a detective to meet his ends but also because he believes that the poet and detective have many similarities. Just like how Detective are very cautious of their surrounding so is a poet. Even the slightest change or unusuality strikes to them. And hence the journey of mystery and misery in the world of poetry begins. The anime takes various turns as we peek into the life of this enigmatic poet.

This anime is a rare treat for literature lovers.

Woodpecker Detective's Office is the anime which cherishes the life itself and the notion of living in the moment.

Genre: Historical, Mystery

8. Listeners

Spring anime 2020 - Listeners

Listeners takes place in a world where music does not exist and humans are attacked by monsters called earless. They do not know why they're attacked neither do they try to find out.

But everything changes after a fateful encounter of an ordinary yet talented boy Echo and Mu, who has no memories of her past. Hence, both of them set out to the world to find themselves and the truth behind the world they live in. The anime has beautiful visuals and soundtrack and is heavily filled with rock musical references. The character development and storyline is good.

Power of love and a little attempt to understand each other can change the whole world is the theme of the anime.

Genre: Action, Mecha, Music, Sci-Fi

9. Sing "Yesterday" For Me

Yesterday wo utatte - spring anime 2020

Falling in love with your close friend is one of the most beautiful and painful experience. There's a huge difficulty in confession, happiness in being accepted while awkwardness after being rejected.

Sing "Yesterday" For Me deals with the after story of being rejected and the turmoils love brings. The anime reveals the beautiful tragedy of unrequited love and love triangles. It reveals the vulnerable and awful side of love. The side of love we do not want to accept but also the side of love we can relate to. It can be a good watch for those who love romance drama.

Genre: Drama, Romance, Seinen, Slice of Life

Read our Review of Sing "Yesterday" For me.

10. The 8th son? Are you kidding me?

The 8th son? Are you kidding me?

Do your best, and do it smartly.
- Alfred Rainford

Typical Salaryman is reincarnated in a noble family as a little boy. He's relieved for being reborn into a noble family until he realizes they are very poor and he's the 8th son of the family.

His days goes by in worries until he meets a magician who changes his whole life. He then sets on a journey to become an adventurer. The journey of a loner poor boy growing to be a special wealthy man is very fascinating. The battles of suddenly becoming famous and rich is hilarious too.

The anime is very comforting and adorable.

Genre: Action, Fantasy


Hence, through these spring anime 2020, we still had many meetings and farewells to many characters and anime.

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