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Top 10 Beautiful Romance Anime Movies You Should Not Miss

Koe no katachi romance anime movie


Published on November 18, 2019

Once in a lifetime, everyone falls in love. Tragic love, beautiful love, long-lasting love, short yet unforgettable love. There are various kinds of love. So, let's reminisce about those many types of love. With the list of romance anime movies, you should totally not miss.

10. Let me eat your pancreas

Anime review - I want to eat your pancreas

Let me eat your pancreas sounds like a very unromantic thing to say to your lover. But, after watching this anime, you will know how much weight, responsibility, tragedy, and love this small sentence carries.

This romance anime shows a very unclear and vague love story between the characters. This theme itself breaks the very norms of giving romance a name tag. Romance doesn't really need a name tag, does it? This morally rich anime is capable of leaving a strong impression on everyone. A must watch romance anime movie which shows the pain and beauty of love.

This deep anime makes us cherish each and every day we get to live. Since no one knows when death might strike us.

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9. From up on the poppy hill

From up on the poppy hill anime

Ready for some nostalgic and pure romance anime? From up on Poppy Hill is a very simple yet beautiful anime. Well maybe because beauty lies in simplicity.

This post-world war II anime touches our hearts and soothes it. With its catchy music, impressive scenery, and engaging story. Pure and down to earth characters and setting, calm your heart and mind. Just the anime you need to watch to lift your mood up.

Through all the confusion and doubt, the characters stand up for their love. It is so beautiful and pure that you feel like protecting them. The power of youth, romance, love, and friendship. This is an overall package of beauty you should definitely not miss.

8. Hal

Romance anime movie Hal

"If everything was in exchange for meeting you, then I feel it's all worth it.”


Hal is a very powerful, amazing and thought-provoking sci-fi romance story served with a visual treat. While most of the anime revolves around pre-romance. The theme of this anime is post-romance which makes it both unique, rare and not stereotypical.

This anime works on the subjects we all need to know too. Like understanding each other's needs, desires and accepting each other's flaws in a relation. Although this is a tragic romance anime its yet so beautiful and moving.

With genuine and lovable characters this anime touches our heart. This anime also gives a very valuable lesson of how we need to accept the past and look towards the future.

7. Tamako love story

Tamako love story

Tamako love story is the sweet simple anime of childhood friends falling for each other. The maturing of the friendship of two confused teenagers is so pure, beautiful and heartwarming to watch. This love story wins your heart with down to earth and lovable characters. And, this anime also has a realistic and relatable approach which makes it special for everyone.

6. Classmates

Classmates romance anime movie

How can we eradicate homophobia from this world? Simple, Show them this aesthetically pleasing beautiful movie. With adorable and charming characters this movie warms your heart. Makes your heart dokidoki and leaves you with a smile.

This is a story about two totally different boys who were not meant to be. But who struggle, fight and work to be with each other. They search for the meaning of love and life together. This movie is so pure and decent that you'd surely understand why gender doesn't matter in love. Rather what matters is how you feel and how it makes you feel. A very very refreshing and lovely romance journey of two confused teenagers is a must-watch.

5. 5 centimetres per second

5 centimeters per second anime

There might be numerous movies about romance with happy endings but this is one of those movies, which will always be special to you. This is the kind of movie which shows you the reality of love. How distance affects love. And how some people move on while some just stay stuck.

This beautifully executed movie revolves around love, life and time. It has the ability to indulge you and share their pain and warmth. Not everyone could be with people whom they love is the theme of this anime. A very realistic bittersweet movie. Even the pain is portrayed so beautifully in this anime you can't help but fall in love.

4. Hotarubi no Mori e

This is a movie which makes you want to fall in love. Even when the movie shows how much pain a person who loves must feel. By the end of the movie you just feel like believing in love.

Yep, this well put together bittersweet movie flows so beautifully it reaches to your heart and mind. And Even though it is a simple story, a basic romance story, it is still hard-hitting at the end. The best thing about this film is its ability to connect you with the characters.

We get to experience what they are feeling as well. A very very pure and tragic yet beautiful love story you should totally go for without hesitation.

3. Your name

Romance anime movie - Your name

Your name is the name to remember if you want to watch a very unique and creative romance anime. This anime transitions so beautifully from light comedy to a deep melodramatic romance that it leaves you in awe.

With the best visuals, soundtracks and lovable characters, this romance hits you deeply in the heart. It leaves you with a priceless experience never felt before. The romance between the characters from different times, geography and environment makes this love story so rare and rich. A must watch for every anime lovers. This anime has taken the beauty of animation and romance to a whole new level.

2. Silent voice

This perfect anime with some imperfect characters, yep that is what this movie Silent voice is about. But who is flawless in this world? This beautiful anime has a very realistic approach and great moral values.

This anime is about the silent voice which might be unheard. But which surely reaches to the one dedicated. It is not just a romance anime but its an anime about life, regret, and redemption. So much so that it makes us look into our past and realize our mistakes. The anime deals with all the sensitive spots of our society such as bullying, depression, suicide.

This movie has something to teach everyone about life, love, friendship, forgiveness, and acceptance. A great film that leaves you reflecting like all good films should do. Questioning your interactions with people both past and present, making us all a better person.

1. Garden of words

"Perhaps rain comes,
If so, will you stay here with me?”

"Even if the rain comes not
I will stay here,
Together with you”

Garden of Words is a stunning anime movie with unique characters that can't be just defined by words. But which needs to be watched and felt. It is a forbidden love story between a high school student and his teacher. Both of them striving to find their path in life yet trying to walk on their feet.

Two peoples despite their age difference and their different environments end up solacing, comforting and supporting each other and overcoming their problems and loneliness. Garden of Words is a beautiful movie about being together whether it's raining or not. A must watch a romance movie which breaks your heart but melts it too.


Hence, love is all we've got so let's give time to these beautiful romance anime movies. And fall in love.

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