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Top 10 Female Orphan Characters in Anime

Anime orphan alvis last exile


Published on July 16, 2017

Life can be hard when you’re an orphan. It’s hard to deal with things when you’ve lost your parents. Yet it doesn’t seem to stop heroes from achieving their full potential, as a lot of anime characters are orphans. This time we’re featuring girls who lost their parents but didn’t lose their strength! Here is a list of top 10 girls in anime who were orphans.

10. Alvis Hamilton (Last Exile)

orphan alvis

Alvis is an orphan as she is the last surviving member of the Hamilton family. She is a living key which gives access to the ship Exile. Due to this reason, she is extremely powerful. But unfortunately, she doesn’t have much control over her powers. As Alvis is crucial to accessing the Exile, many are after her life.

9. Tsugumi Seishirou (Nisekoi)

orphan tsugumi

Initially shown as a male student, Tsugumi is actually an orphan girl who acts as a bodyguard for Chitoge. Her foster guardian Claude was unaware of her being a female, named her Seishirou and trained her to be a hitman.

8. Naoto Fuyumine (Dogs: Bullets and Carnage)

Anime orphan naoto

Naoto is one of the protagonists of the series DOGS. She was left an orphan after both of her parents were murdered. She has a large X shaped scar on her chest, which was a result of the gruesome incident where she lost her parents. She is cool and level headed, but sometimes she succumbs to her emotions as she has been through a lot.

7. Konan (Naruto)

konan - orphan in anime

Konan from Naruto was a kunoichi who helped found Akatsuki. Konan’s family was killed when she was young in the second Shinobi War, which made her an orphan. When she was younger, she was cheerful and bright, but as she grew up she became more stoic and cynical. She had a talent for origami, which stemmed into her fighting style, paper ninjutsu. She can turn her body and clothes into sheets of paper which she can shift at will.

6. Anna Kushina (K)

orphan anna

Anna is a little color blind girl who can only see the color red. She is petite and has long white hair, usually dressed up in a frilly dress. She is a Strain and is affiliated with HOMRA, the red clan. She later becomes its King. Anna is quiet and doesn’t show her emotions easily. The reason she is so inexpressive is because she is afraid that if she opens her heart, she will end up hurting her friends.

5. Mikasa Ackerman (Attack on Titan)

orphan mikasa

This popular girl from Attack on Titan became an orphan after traffickers murdered her parents in front of her eyes and almost took her captive. Mikasa Ackerman is a cool and determined girl, However, she can get a little scary when the person she loves, Eren, is under threat. She is also extremely loyal and will protect her friends in any condition. While she was in the 104th Training Corps, she was considered one of the best soldiers.

4. Nami (One Piece)

orphan nami

Nami from One Piece is a pirate and a member of the Straw Hat Pirates where she acts as a navigator. She was an orphan who was taken in, along with her sister Nojiko, by their foster mother Bell-mère. Nami is an exceptional thief and is very good at pickpocketing.

3. Shana (Shakugan no Shana)

orphan shana

Shana is the female protagonist of Shakugan no Shana. Initially she comes off as very cold and strict. But later on she warms up, turning out to be a tsundere character. She has a sweet tooth and a special fondness for melon bread. She also gets embarrassed easily and has a habit of repeating “Shut up!” when she gets flustered. When Shana was an infant she was adopted by Wilhelmina Carmel.

2. Maya Kumashiro (Occult Academy)

orphan maya

Maya used to live with both her parents when she was a baby. However, due to her father’s obsession with the occult, Maya and her mother had to leave. Later on both her parents passed away, making her an orphan. As the series begins, Maya has an extreme distaste for the occult and her father’s academy, Waldstein Academy. But as time goes by, she learns to hate it less and realizes that the Academy was actually her father’s gift to her. After she finds this out, she comes to love the occult and promises to protect the Academy.

1. Tohru Honda (Fruits Basket)

Anime orphan character - Tohru

Tohru is a young and attractive girl who is the female lead of Fruits Basket. She was the only daughter to her late parents. Tohru is the kind of girl who goes out of her way to help people, she is very sweet and gentle. Her father had passed away soon after her birth, so she was raised by a single mom. One day her mother also died in a car accident, and she blames herself as she tells her mother her usual greeting of “stay safe” when she left the house.


Have these girls shown you that they can be great even though they were orphans? These are definitely some wonderful and independent females! What do you think? Who was your favorite character? Let us know!

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