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Top 10 Dark Anime Series worth Binge-watching

Dark anime
Destiny Dukes


Published on March 24, 2020

Are you looking for anime that has more of a darker theme to it? This list will go through some of the dark anime series with psychological, horror, and violent aspect. Many of these anime include blood, gore, and plenty of deaths. However, some are just psychological anime.

10. Psycho-Pass

Dark anime series

Psycho-Pass has a very dark theme to it using more darker colors in each frame. It follows an inspector named Akane Tsunemori, who works by the side of the enforcers. It takes place in a futuristic world where a person's state of mind and the likelihood of them being a criminal can be measured by pointing the Dominator at a person. The Dominator determines how the target should be handled.

9. Berserk

Dark anime

Berserk is an anime about a mysterious man who goes by Guts but is referred to as the Black Swordsman. Who has a mark on him that attracts monsters/ creatures in his direction. Some of the people around him end up dying as a result of that. Berserk is a well known dark anime series of all time.

8. Death Parade

Dark anime series

This anime explores the idea of life after death or, better yet, reincarnation vs. disappearing. After humans die, they can either go to heaven or hell; however, there is another option for some humans. These humans arrive at Quindecim, which is a bar that is run by a guy named Decim. These people do not know that they are dead and wage their lives on a game. However, they are being judged by Decim, who will choose who is reincarnated and who is not. Although this the idea of the story, there is also a character name Chiyuki who could not be judged the usual way as she knew that she was dead when she arrived. This anime serves as more of a psychological thriller.

7. Future Diary

Dark anime series worth binge watching

Future Diary is about a young boy who goes by the name of Yukiteru, a.k.a Yuki. Yuki spent most of his time writing on the diary on his phone and had an imaginary friend named Deus Ex Machina. This "imaginary friend" was an actual God who wants 12 contestants, including Yuki, to participate in a survival game. As the title suggests, they are using their diaries on their phones in order to eliminate one another, with the last one standing being the winner. If the phone is destroyed, the character dies as well.

6. Hell Girl

Dark anime series of all time

This anime introduces characters in each episode that have been wronged/ treated in horrible ways that lead them to receive a popup from a strange website that will help them get revenge. If they decide to use it by writing down the name of the person they want to be punished, Hell Girl will bring that person to hell. The person who made the deal will be destined to go to hell once they die.

5. Death Note

Dark anime series

Death Note follows a boy named Light Yagami who bumps into the death note, and upon learning about what it does begins using it in the name of "justice," He is soon hunted down by L who believes he is "justice." This is a psychological thriller that makes the viewer question the true definition of justice or if any of the characters actually cared about justice to begin with.

4. Corpse Party: Tortured Souls

Dark anime series

After making a pack after school, a bunch of school kids and a teacher are trapped inside the school in what seems to be another dimension. This is full of undead horrors and brutal tests that push the students to their breaking point.

3. Another

Dark anime series

This anime follows a boy named, Kouichi Sakakibara who transferred to a new class where a student by the name Misaki died. When Misaki died, her classmates let her live on by acting as if she was still alive, causing her to think she was still alive. However, with her not accepting death, she is now living among the living, which is causing the students to die one by one. This means that until she is found, each student will continue to die off one by one.

2. Elfen Lied

Dark anime series

This anime follows a girl named Lucy, who is part of an experiment. After escaping, she goes on a killing spree and is hunted down by the ones who made her. The only thing is that Lucy has a split personality; she can go from innocent to being a killer at the snap of a finger. This entry is full of violence and gore and one of the must-watch dark anime series.

1. Ousama Game

Dark anime series

Ousama Game follows a boy named Nobuaki Kanazawa, who has already been through the Ousama game and watched his classmates die. After moving to a new school, he is faced with the deadly game as well. Knowing that it could lead to the death of the whole class, he tries to stop the Ousama game once and for all.


Anime can get really dark and gloomy with some making you question what you might do if you were in that situation. Which anime do you think is the darkest and which is your favorite dark anime series?

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