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Sleeping Dogs: Everything that your favourite games should have!

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Published on August 13, 2020

About The Game:

Sleeping Dogs is an open world/action-adventure game developed by United Front Games and published by Square Enix. It was released on August 14, 2012. Yes, around a year before GTA V and it still looks just as good or even better than GTA V. I had to make a comparison between the two games just because they fall in the same genre and are similar to one another, being given that both of the games are open world.

The Story:

Wei Shen caught by the HK police

The game follows the story of Wei Shen, a Chinese-American badass. Wei Shen is seen being involved in triad businesses by the police so he has to make a run for it. He is eventually caught during the first 15 minutes or so of the gameplay and held in custody where Raymond Mak offers him a job to work for the police as an undercover in exchange for his freedom. The game starts with his first mission with his best friend Jackie in the triad “Sun On Yee”, taking Wei Shen to see Winston Chu to join and infiltrate Sun On Yee as a part of Wei Shen’s deal with Raymond Mak.

The entire story and plot twists in Sleeping Dogs are well written and directed. The story following the character that we play has a good depth to it. The other NPCs in the game also have a definitive character that separates them from one another.

*My Opinion* This game is a masterpiece, there’s no comparing it to any other games (you’ll see me comparing it to GTA V a lot) and I’d definitely recommend this game to anyone who’s looking for a new game to play.


The world of sleeping dogs:

Hong Kong at Night

The story of Sleeping Dogs takes place in Hong Kong. The graphics and the textures of the game are just too beautiful, especially at night (when it rains). The map is not as big as that of Grand Theft Auto V but it’s not as small as that of Yakuza’s. The map goes really well with the main missions and has a lot to offer inside it. It gives the players a really beautiful place to explore and gives off the “local” vibes similar to the streets of Hong Kong in real life.

Yes there are water bodies in sleeping dogs(meaning you can swim and ride on boats). Yes you can drive around the town (cars,bikes,buses,scooters,etc). Yes you can pick a fight with random citizens and yes the dumb ones try to fight back too. The ambient sounds of the city really makes the city in the game come alive. The pedestrians speak back if they find any inconvenience which makes it even more fun as you’re randomly exploring the city and it doesn’t feel lonely at all.

The game includes side missions like busting illegal dealers in corners of the city buy hacking the Surveillance cameras and helping troubled citizens around town (basically you run errands for the common people with common problems). And there’s a lot of parkour that you can do as you freely roam the map or even when you’re completing main missions.

There are stalls and shops where you buy food items for health regen, there are street fighting arenas where you fight a bunch of people for money, a dojo where you learn martial arts and clubs. Not to mention you can sleep and pee in your apartment, just in case you were wondering.


The Fighting Mechanics in this game is crazy good!

Sleeping Dogs Fighting

Why would we play an action game, if it has no “action” in it, right? Talking about fighting and martial arts, Sleeping Dogs has a lot to offer in that sector. Boy oh boy would you love it if you saw how fighting people works in this game.

I’m sure you’ve punched,kicked,shot and burned some people alive in a lot of games but multiply all the fun you had doing that by ten times and that’s where sleeping dogs stands. Remember, I mentioned that you can learn martial arts, you can use that then you’re fighting. Similar to games like Tekken or Street Fighter (dare I say Yakuza), Sleeping Dogs uses a bunch of keyboard mouse combos to give your opponents the taste of the dust of Hong Kong.

The fighting aspect of this game is well directed and doesn’t look unrealistic or impossible when you see it. Which is what I call the “Goosebumps giver” of this game.

You can toss people around, kidnap them and put them in the trunk of your car and drive around as they scream in agony, use the environment around you to fight and use guns. Depending on what you feel like trying, there are different fighting styles and combos for you to try out in the game. Rather than tiring yourself with a lot of words, watch the video below to see for yourself:


Fun Exclusive Features in-game:

Action Hijack

Driving a car shooting people, riding a bike shooting people, pretty basic stuff right? But driving a bike and jumping off of it to hijack another vehicle? That’s some sweet Just Cause action right there! It is fun just knowing that you can do that in the game.

I hope that’s something new. The game offers a lot of freedom to players when driving (all this crazy stuff), fighting (everything I mentioned above) and even when running you can parkour around houses (not applicable everywhere in the map but better than GTA V).


The missions, the characters, the map, the graphics and textures and all the little details make so much of one another and together bring out the best in this game. Even as you only go through just the main missions in the game, I’m sure that you will not be missing out on anything, the game develops your character just well and the story flows like a clean river.


Why I like this game so much and should you try it out?

I like it simply because it has everything that could make GTA V a better game. I’m just kidding.

Main Missions

The emotions that I caught for this game after I completed it are hard to put into words. But a game from Square Enix can never be worse than half bad. So I tried this game out. And I got hooked. The story is phenomenally good, like a Hollywood movie (a good one), the way it builds up is smooth, the way the characters grow with pain, losses, victories and his conflicted mind between his feelings for who he is as a member of Sun On Yee and as an undercover detective which brings out who he really is by the end of the story.

In a nutshell, Sleeping Dogs is truly a work of art in my opinion. I have never played a game that excites me as much as or even nearly as much as this game. Of course there are a lot of great games of different genres out there but where it stands, I think sleeping dogs will be forever dominant and again I highly recommend every gamer out there to experience all that this game has to offer.

Final Thoughts

I really hoped I could talk about the second part of sleeping dogs but unfortunately it doesn't seem like we're getting it anytime soon. The Triad Wars was cancelled for reasons involving conflicts between United Front Games and Square enix. So modding this game to the fullest and getting the best of what we've got is all we can do so please do try it out and tell me if I missed something important. (Also I didn't fully go through the story of the game and how it could've been better because I didn't want to spoil anything for anyone)

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