Killing Stalking - Manhwa Review
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Killing Stalking; How to kill someone without killing it?

Killing Stalking is a manhwa written and illustrated by Koogi. It's a very very chaotic story about a killer and a stalker and how messed up they become together. Just putting it in the category of normal Boys love or yaoi will be a waste to such a masterpiece. The...

Angels of Death
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“God” in Angels of Death.

Angels of Death is a horror anime series adapted from a video game of the same title created by Makoto Sanada. The 16-episode series premiered on July 6, 2018. The anime hooks you up with thriller and mystery and is good and worth watching but what caught my attention was...

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Katanagatari, a review on the story of failure!!

Katanagatari starts with stunning visuals of an assassination in a burning castle with a beautiful touch of traditional Japanese music. A very fascinating way to introduce the anime in my opinion. The art style of the anime is also very traditional folklore sort of with bold colors and lines. Katanagatari...

Spirited Away Review
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Are you Spirited Away ??

Spirited away has a way of keeping you hooked with its unique concept. From the characters, we’ve never seen and cannot forget, to the whole different world which makes us curious about what might be next.

Colorful anime movie review
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Colorful: Anime Review

I love how this anime "Colorful" is inclined more towards life than death. This anime shows the family relations and problems but also reminds us that family loves us the most, it also shows societal problems and ways to handle them and proves that being alive is beautiful.