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Akudama Drive: Anime Review

Akudama Drive is 2020 original Japanese Cyberpunk anime series of 12 episodes produced by Pierrot and Too Kyo games. The anime takes place on futuristic city of Kansai metropolis, which glows bright in the dark and seems like an ideal place, advanced with technology at first glance but deep in...

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Salvation in Anime with Some Religious Insights

So Anime antagonists have made a move. But according to them it’s not anything evil. It’s way beyond the concept of good and evil. They say it’s the next phase of humanity when we’ve conquered life and death. It’s our Salvation. But many of these salvation in anime I’ve witnessed,...

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How Important is Budget For The Animation Quality

The production of an anime is a tough field of work, especially considering the state of the Japanese anime industry which constantly runs short on talented staff. This is due to the extremely harsh working conditions for animators. They are easily among the most important part of the production and...