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Published on September 2, 2020

Tatsumaki, from his original Japanese name Senritsu No Tatsumaki, aka Tornado of Terror, is a concentrate of telekinetic powers in itself. Runner-up in the S class, she has immense power, and outstrips all the heroes in the Heroes’ Association, except for the enigmatic Blast who is number one of the S class. The Only who can win against Blast is Saitama, but only a few are aware of that.

Tatsumaki One Punch Man

Tatsumaki’s personality

The tornado of terror is as powerful as it is arrogant, self-confident, impetuous, and sometimes even disrespectful to other heroes and even the hierarchy of the Association of Heroes. She plays with her rank of second, in order not to obey orders, to do whatever she wants. Blast being always absent, Tatsumaki is self-classed first, her behaviour shows it well. The patient is not her strong point either, she wants to act, she acts without waiting for anyone’s green light.

In spite of his coldness and his royal I don’t care, Tatsumaki goes all the same in the current of the association of the heroes, in the sense that his objective is to eliminate all the strongest monsters, of the association of the monsters which Orochi is the boss.

Tatsumaki’s problem is that her telekinetic power, i.e. the power to destroy her opponents by blowing them up for example or by throwing a building at them with her mind, is so powerful that she gets deeply bored. Hence her refusal to fight monsters below the level of dragon scourge, too simple for her right !

Tatsumaki opm

Power and Capacity

The Tornado of terror, is extremely powerful, hence its rank as mentioned above. In volumes 1 to 19 (season 1 and 2 in anime), nobody knows what its real power is, it has never needed to deploy 100% of its abilities. According to Fubuki who is her little sister (despite their deceptive physics), Tatsumaki is a real power monster if she were to be brought to truly develop her abilities. Darkshine, the 11th S-Class hero, confirmed during his fight against Garou, that if he had to fight Tatsumaki he would lose in less than two minutes.

One of the few times Senritsu no Tatsumaki, has shown a glimpse of her powers, is when she prevented the ship from Lord Boros to bomb the earth. By the powers of thought, she managed to stop the shells, and send them back to the alien ship.

Finally, Tatsumaki masters her power so well that she is able to levitate in the air and fly in any direction she wishes, as simply as when she walks. If she forces a little, she can change gravity, she can also raise the Monster Association area while protecting the heroes still in action inside, or even to lift an entire city, Z city has witnessed it!

Tatsumaki  One Punch Man

Physical characteristics

Tatsumaki, unlike his little sister Fubuki which is very slender with harmonious feminine features, is in turn very small. According to testimonies and various comparisons, Tatsumaki measures between 1.20 meter and 1.30 meter, which is paradoxical with her monstrous power.
She clearly looks like a 10-year-old girl (she’s actually 28), and has the face of a child, but hates above all else that people call her a kid, or a snot, and it’s at their peril.


Just like a little girl, attention must always be on her, otherwise she lets it be known. The only character who has completely ignored her after calling her a little girl without knowing who she was, is of course Saitama with exceptional nonchalance, but without wanting to offend her, he has done so in a very natural way, which makes the scene hilarious at the end of the chapter on the alien invasion.

Small precision she has a rather short haircut and green color. Small detail that has its importance for the continuation.


Caution Spoiler: do not read the rest if you have not gone beyond volume 21. We think that this green-haired kid’s physique is actually a facade and corresponds to Tatsumaki’s current powers.

To get it simple, when she thinks a monster requires the use of her real powers, Senritsu no Tatsumaki will have her real female body, taller, with long hair and an adult face, she is after all Fubuki’s older sister and protects her as she should, like when she struggled to fight the super sado monster in the season 2, which has been well analyzed and deeply, by Asec from Renai Otaku.

To Tatsumaki, family is family, even she is cold as hell !

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