One Punch Man Chapter 139 : Number One Hero BLAST, God and The Ultimate Plot

Blast vs Saitama


Published on February 25, 2021

Years have passed ever since One Punch Man revealed that there is a hero who is listed above all others, the number one hero called Blast!

First Mention of Blast
First ever reference to Blast


There have been many many theories like “Blast is Saitama’s father!”, ” Blast is god”, ”Blast is away fighting a villain stronger than any villain ever” and “Blast is Saitama himself.” Blast has always remained the hot topic of discussion among fans online and offline speculating about who he was, what his powers were and what he was doing.

Spoiler Alert!

Chapter 139 of the One Punch Man manga revealed that one of those theories certainly is true…at least in concept! And that theory is that Blast is not in the picture usually because he is away fighting threats more dangerous than any! In the latest chapter of One Punch Man, we finally see the debut of Blast in all his glory!

Blast arrives!

He is this buff and a bearded middle-aged person who seems to be mostly pretty relaxed but tensed up as soon as he saw a monster.

One Punch Man - Blast

He seemed almost cold-blooded at that moment he saw Manaka but because of Saitama’s explanation, he ignored her.

One Punch Man - Saitama

Considering Amai Mask is shown to have met Blast once and been inspired by him, their attitude seemed somewhat similar and gave us quite some things to think about.

Blast showed us that he is indeed worthy of his position as the number one hero as he easily blitzed Flashy Flash in speed and lifted effortlessly the extremely heavy cube that trapped Flashy Flash’s hands in the rubble and began to sink when Saitama threw it on the ground.

OPM Blast
Blast blitzes Flashy Flash leaving him shocked

Blast even seemed to have some kind of teleporting power through his “black hole”-like portals that he could open up and just aesthetically speaking, it looks so damn cool!

Blast's Black Hole Portal
Blast’s Black Hole portals

Saitama as usual didn’t seem impressed at all so it is difficult to measure Blast against him. However Blast definitely lived up to his hype that had been building for all this time.

One Punch Man Blast

And with him and the cube, he brought into light what could possibly be the plot of One Punch Man, the ultimate being :


One Punch Man - GOD

God seems to be able to communicate with the people who come in contact with the mysterious cubes that, according to Blast, are scattered all around the Earth in very random and different places.

One Punch Man Manga

The cover page showed an astronaut deep in space and a diver deep underwater, both encountering the cube. Those cubes allow people to meet him and he seems to have the ability to give significant powers and abilities to anyone he sees fit as long as they share the goal of eradicating and punishing humanity as God seems to think humans are vile creatures who only spoil the Earth and the ecosystem. He thereby created Homeless Emperor and Psykos to aid in the destruction of humanity!


He has appeared in different forms like a scribbled figure in front of Homeless Emperor and The giant crouching muscular male figure that Saitama,Flashy Flash and Manaka saw when they were transported into God’s dimension and he was about to “grant them power”.

One Punch Man Comics


Now theories have come forth that say the reason living beings in One Punch Man universe gain such ridiculous and ridiculously strong powers for silly-looking reasons is because of God’s effect on the universe. However as not everyone who has gained power has been shown to have encountered the cube so that still remains debatable.

What is certain is that this has opened up an unprecedented path for One Punch Man to actually have a “plot” that it has been leading up to. Knowing ONE, it could all just be a set up for another punchline, pun intended. Either way things are getting intense and the story got spicier with all the new developments and fans are looking forward to whenever the new chapter will arrive.

One Punch Man

The existence of God and God’s words to Blast raises a lot of possible story options to explore like Blast’s origin story, his first encounter with the cubes, God’s true reasoning behind hating humanity, Saitama’s possible connection to God. Things have never been more exciting for the One Punch Man fans who wanted to see what Blast was all about.

God as seen by Manaka, Saitama and Flashy Flash

So could this be the ultimate enemy Saitama has to face? Or will it all just end up in the usual style as Saitama defeats even “God” with just… One Punch.

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