One-Punch Man 2 had serious issues, so does the anime industry

One Punch Man


Published on May 27, 2019

The simple reason “One-Punch Man 2” was not so good

One-Punch Man 2 came out recently and many people are/were complaining about its animation style not living up to the expectations. That was mainly because season one was animated by a quite expensive and popular animation studio Madhouse and directed by Shingo Natsume.

However, this season replaces both of them. Shingo Natsume left for a different series called “Boogiepop” and Madhouse has a history of dropping second seasons.

one punch man season 2 bad animation

Despite having a very good quality of animation, One-Punch Man season one budget averaged around $2 million, which is an average budget for anime series, on par with series such as overlord, Ore Monogatari. Why is that? Because madhouse animators “were just animating for fun ;)”.

Most of the animators working in season one were passionate people so it was possible with the low budget provided but since Shingo Natsume and madhouse both dropped One-Punch Man it was taken up by J.C. Staff animation and Chikaraka Sakurai as the director.

Why madhouse dropped One Punch Man?

Regarding why madhouse dropped the anime. There are many many speculations, one very accepted theory is because they usually drop second seasons. Some people even theorized that the budget of the making of this anime is actually way higher than what they spent for season one and the animators wouldn’t animate it for the low budget, again. In case that is true, we should totally agree and respect that choice. After all, the animators’ livelihood depends on it.

One-Punch-Man 2

Madhouse is not the only good animation studio in Japan

I am not implying J.C staff is a bad animation studio. However, the budget they were provided was too low to produce what madhouse produced. There are other animation studios that have done a very good job with animation, most notably Ufotable, Known for Fate stay night, Kimetsu no yaiba, God eater and many other anime with awestriking fight scenes and overall animation.

But Ufotable is also known as unlimited budget works, simply saying They spend huge amounts and by huge I mean VERY HUGE budget in all of their productions. One-Punch Man 1 was so popular and sold very well so they should have been able to fund One-Punch Man 2, right?


That’s the problem with the anime industry. Millions of people around the globe watched One-Punch Man. That’s a large number, BUT Most of them watched it for free, literally free. Not just One-Punch Man, most anime don’t make a lot of money because people watch it for free, and western publishers like Crunchyroll do not pay the producers as much as they earn.

People are ready to pay, $10 per month for Spotify, Netflix, their favorite porn website but not spend $10 for watching anime, something that they love? And worst, they complain? Call the animators greedy? Apparently, asking for livelihood is greedy?

The problem with anime industry

one punch man 2

The problem also lies because there isn’t a single streaming platform that licenses all anime and pays the studio as much as they deserve because that would cost a lot of money for the investors without chances of little to no profit. And people won’t spend money on a paid website if illegal websites are simply allowing them to watch anime for free.

It’s a disgusting loop and the reason why the anime industry is progressing forward very slowly.

Let’s explain it in a simpler way

Kimi no Na Wa was released in 2016 but the animation quality is better than some anime released last year. Why? Because the production team was ready to spend a huge budget on the making of the movie. They knew it was gonna bring profit since people could go to movie theaters to watch it. On the other hand, anime production teams can’t throw that much money on anime series since they don’t make as much profit as a movie makes. Mainly because there isn’t a platform that has directly franchised anime as a whole profitable industry.

The root problem that lies here is the existence of illegal streaming websites. Some people argue “Illegal streaming websites are the cause the anime fan base is so large”. While this may be true but from the perspective of the producers, the illegal website fans don’t matter to them because they don’t bring in money.

A Solution

If the illegal websites weren’t as prevalent as they are right now, someone would have invested in a streaming platform that provided anime to fans and the revenue to the animation studios. Anime lovers would have spent money on watching anime (the result of someone’s hard work). It would have been perfectly balanced.


Well, one article like this will not change how the system works, but this is the truth hard to digest but it is  the truth. We can’t do much as long people’s views don’t change.

Concluding, we can not change the system in a single go but what we can do is not complain or accuse the producers and the animators.

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