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An odd ride in life: Odd Taxi review

Odd Taxi Anime


Published on July 20, 2021

Odd Taxi is a Japanese anime television series produced by OLM and P.I.C.S, written by Kazuya Konomoto and illustrated by Takeichi Abaraya.


Odd Taxi anime takes us on an odd ride where our taxi driver is a walrus who is scared of water and can’t sleep at all. What an odd walrus to begin with.

odd taxi anime review
ODD TAXI indeed Dobu-san

The story is set in an anthropomorphic world and is undoubtedly the best anthropomorphic genre anime.

Odd taxi has succeeded in representing everything Zootopia and Beastars were trying to in a very brilliant way.

The hidden elements in the anime makes Odd Taxi even more extraordinary.


Odd Taxi anime has many creepily realistic characters. Someone who is trying to escape reality through the game, a “nice” guy, someone who has very low self-esteem, someone who wants to go viral, all of the personalities we know or we have met in real life.

odd taxi anime review

After all, we are all on an odd ride on a journey of life, specifically, a one-way journey to death.

But the journey is more interesting when we are chasing something. Everyone is chasing something, chasing women, chasing money, chasing dreams or popularity, and even when we feel like we are just bystanders like Odokawa, we still are getting involved unknowingly.

Odokawa seems like an ordinary taxi driver but is considered weird and strange by others. He is sarcastic and melancholic and a very humorous character. (I can see why Shirakawa-san fell for him)

He considers himself just a spectator but he suddenly gets suspected to be involved in a missing girl case and hence the odd story of an odd taxi driver begins.

odd taxi anime review

Odd taxi has very dynamic and diverse anime characters almost reminds you of the non-exaggerated version of Gintama or Sayonara, Zetsubou-sensei.

Also, if you like Durarara or Baccano, Odd Taxi is highly recommended to you.

Music and Animation:

Odd Taxi has very relaxed and chill opening and ending songs. The background sounds are incredibly fun and go agreeably with the theme of the anime.

Singer-songwriter Skirt and rapper/DJ PUNPEE performed the series’ main theme “Odd Taxi”, while Suzuko Mimori performed the series’ ending theme song “Sugarless Kiss”.

odd taxi anime review

Animation is not the most striking point of Odd Taxi nonetheless it’s vibrant and enjoyable. The colour palette is very gorgeous and suitable too.

With amazing well-written heavy dialogues, uncannily realistic characters and a fascinating plot, Odd Taxi is undoubtedly one of the best spring 2021 anime.

Final Thoughts

Some of the shortcomings Odd Taxi anime has gets negated by how impressive the story is and how it's revealed brilliantly.

The open ending after all the puzzles came together makes you keep on thinking about the story, and that's what a great story does, make you think about it even after it ends.

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