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Angels of Death


Published on June 21, 2019

Angels of Death is a horror anime series adapted from a video game of the same title created by Makoto Sanada. The 16-episode series premiered on July 6, 2018.
Angels of death

Short Review

The title suggests the anime to have some angels. But, the anime is all about the insanity of serial killers and their psychology. Angels of death anime revolve around a young girl, Rachel Gardner who has a death wish.

The animation is totally worth appreciating with stunning aesthetic visuals and good music. The characters are well written especially Gray, Dr. Danny, and Eddie. The anime hooks you up with thriller and mystery and is good and worth watching but what caught my attention was how God was presented in the anime.

Almost every episode mentions God. Even the titles of the episode are, “I swear to god”, “A sinner has no right of choice”, ” There is no God in this world, “You are my God”.

So, let’s talk about this overly mentioned God in Angels of death; Rachel’s God.

Rachel’s God

13 years old, Rachel wants to die so she makes a promise with the serial killer, Zack. The promise is in return for helping Zack to escape. He would kill Rachel just as she wishes.

Rachel’s death wish is very important to her. It’s tragic too for such a young girl but yet she wouldn’t kill herself, because God says suicide is wrong. That’s her explanation. Rachel is a god believer.

Angels of Death

But the same God who says suicide is wrong also says killing someone else is wrong. So, indirectly Rachel is not believing God at the same time by asking Zack to kill her.

It’s very fascinating how Rachel takes God as. Rachel is diagnosed with delirium ( hypoactive) which is also the reason why she is so fixated on the idea of the existence of God after reading the Bible. But her idea of God is totally different from any God we know.

Eddie after knowing about the promise asks Rachel, “what kind of God do you believe in? I don’t get it, why would your god want that?”

Exactly why would a god want someone to be killed especially if God is omnibenevolent? Even Rachel herself doesn’t hesitate to kill Cathy. So how is actually Rachel’s god?

Rachel is fixated on the idea of god to the point when Zack says, “there’s no god in this world”. She calls Zack her god. Can Zack who is a serial killer become a god?

What makes god a “god”?

Angels of Death - Zack

So the anime touches a very sensitive topic. Not only it talks about God but the character Gray acts as a god himself. Gray creates this atmosphere and passes judgments. He is omniscient and omnipresent at the building, so can we say he’s the god?

But to Rachel, not Gray but Zack is God.

God makes us feel a connection. And that is what Rachel got from Zack, a connection and a feeling of not being alone anymore.

God cannot exist without peoples who believe in him as the saying goes, what even is a God to nonbeliever“. If we believe Zack as God just as Rachel says then he becomes God. Since all his act becomes the act of God whether he kills or sins. It’s still acceptable just like we accept natural disasters, disease or demons. It’s all God’s actions.

Angels of Death

But who created that God named Zack? Just someone who wants to be accepted, and wants judgment to be passed upon her.

Just like we humans created God for our own selfish needs and desires. Rachel creates her own God too. I take it as very good humor when Rachel claims Zack as her God. Like ta-dah here’s a new god. God becomes just a mere tool.

But later Zack comes to know about Rachel’s past which is very horrifyingly tragic. Rachel then tries to kill Zack, her own god.

I love how Rachel portrays us humans towards God. We’re the same as Rachel. We created God for our own needs and when the same God became mighty enough to chain us up. We killed him.

Angels of Death

As the saying goes, ” If there’s no god we can do whatever we want”. We fear that quote but we also love the idea of it at the same time.

Later when she realizes that Zack is no god but he’s simply human, Rachel goes through a subtle change. She understands that she never wanted God. She just wants someone who would make her feel alive or important even it is just for a while.

The ending

At last, Police arrests Zack and Rachel. Zack gets the death penalty while Rachel is sent for counseling.

The ending especially although very tragic, I love it. Even though there are other theories I totally support the suicide theory. After hearing about the execution of Zack, Rachel kills herself with the knife Zack gave her which is possible. Since she is no longer a god believer.

Angels of Death - God

So overall the Angel of Death is a great anime. The philosophy of God is even greater. All of the characters have their own different views towards God, killing, and sins which I think is beautiful.

The anime shows an animated version of the world we live in. The world that is full of insanity, sins, tragedy, and horror. The world where we crave connection and acceptance.

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