Frozen time: Quarantine and Cowboy Bebop.

Cowboy bebop


Published on May 22, 2020

Cowboy Bebop is a Japanese animated science-fiction television series animated by Sunrise featuring a production team led by director Shinichirō Watanabe.

Cowboy bebop

To put it simply, Cowboy Bebop is one of the best anime ever with great characters, intriguing storyline and unforgettable soundtracks. It’s a new genre in itself obtained from various best of the best genre. It’s something very raw and rare.

So what does it have with quarantine?
Well actually nothing but also a lot of things, feels and things we could learn from it.

Since, Cowboy Bebop actually dwells betweenWhatever happens, happens and you’re gonna carry that weight” it vaguely summarises everything.

Cowboy bebop

“Cowboy Bebop and Quarantine”

Cowboy Bebop is well made up of these characters who are very cool, tricky, cheerful and calm at the outside. Which we pretend to be when we’re hiding something. Some pain, yearnings, sufferings and betrayals.

The characters having their own past and secrets, pain and loneliness come together for this particular moment and becomes a family of their own.

Just like in Cowboy Bebop, we too are stuck with the oddest peoples making up our own family. We live with these peoples whom we feel we know but yet we don’t. We don’t know what their inner deepest desires are and yet we sit together as we eat happily whatever is available at the moment.

Cowboy bebop

Spike Spiegel dislikes kids, women and well animals and yet he has gotten used to them almost attached to them just like we’ve been attached and used to our family just like that. There’s no particular reason but we’re, just simply, to the point we take it for granted. And we don’t feel the need to actually know them.

The essence of Frozen Time

Fay Valentine - Cowboy bebop

We can clearly see in the anime how every day passes by yet everything seems frozen. Simply because they’ve no particular idea of what might happen in future. Everything is unpredictable and they’ve no clear destination or goals. And we too are frozen at the moment, because every day is the same. It’s almost like a loop, we can’t get out of. As our one leg remains at past and one at present, we don’t get to step towards any particular future. And we can’t differentiate if it’s a real life or just a dream.

As we’re forced into a frozen time, what can be better than to enjoy it, because we know, we will miss it. The feeling of every day just being like normal every day since we’d never have those again.

Cowboy Bebop is a bittersweet anime just like our life. It’s a story filled with everyday of partings and goodbyes, which we’ve got to accept and even move on from. As the world around us crumbles, we’ve to try to stay sane and understand that, “well, whatever happens, happens. It’s not in our power to control everything but we can control how we act towards it.

Cowboy bebop Spike

We almost forget that when it all ends, the loop breaks and we wake. As we come out of the frozen time of our lives, we are quickly thrown into the reality. And we’re to do what we’re supposed to do as we carry the memories of the time spent in the comfort of four walls.

We carry the weight of fine companies, times of just being ourselves and the beauty of being frozen which we took for granted as we’re forced to run… again.

You’re gonna carry that weight

Carry that weight was the ending sentence of the anime Cowboy Bebop and similarly one of the song title from The Beatles last album together (Abbey Road). Since we already know how much music plays an important role in Cowboy Bebop, we can easily connect.

The Beatles

As we will be soon be longing for the nonchalant days of being ourselves with our own kind of family. We too carry that weight of not cherishing the moments we have as we will start finding the reasons for our existence.. again. While those moments were the one which truly made our existence beautiful. Those moments which were spent upon our own kind of families and loved ones inside a safe zone.

Might as well eat whatever’s on the plate, since, we’re gonna carry that weight….

(Diet plans ruined)

Cowboy bebop

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