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Fiery first impression of Dororo !!!

First impression of Dororo


Published on January 28, 2019

Dororo is a Japanese manga series from the Osamu Tezuka in the late 1960s. A new anime adaptation began airing in 2019 and will consist of 24 episodes.

With every demon he defeats, Hyakkimaru regains a part of his body which he lost when his father, a samurai lord made a deal with 48 demons to save his land and gain power.

The summary was already the main attraction as it reeks of a thrill, adventure and lots of mystery.

First impression of Dororo

So, this epic thriller anime starts with a rainy day in a village, a woman, wife of the samurai lord Daigo Kagemistsu, is surrounded by nurses while she is having a labor pain, while Daigo who has a huge mark on his forehead is waiting outside. The anime looks simple up until the flashback of Daigo is shown which escalates the story quickly.

The flashback begins with Daigo rushing to a temple named, “Hall of hell”, which is detailed beautifully with the statues of demons on the wall. The priest of the temple advised him not to get involved with the demon gods but Daigo defies the kind words of the priest and kills him. Daigo who craves fame and power makes a deal with 48 sealed demon gods and promises to give anything of his in return.

The lightning which seems to be the symbolism of the deal makes an irremovable mark on his forehead.

Back to the present, a baby boy is born from Daigo’s wife, but as soon as Daigo rushes to see his child, the lightning appears again and hits the newborn child. The child loses all his limbs, eyes, nose, skin and internal organs to the lightning and is only left with the skeleton. The child is surprisingly still alive. Daigo laughs while looking at the child as the symbolism shows his wish is to be fulfilled.

Dororo first impression of the anime

I love how the mother’s loving nature is shown in the anime as she pleads Daigo to let her keep the child who is nothing but a skeleton but Daigo orders the nurse to throw the child who he thinks won’t live long.

The nurse keeps the child in an empty boat. I love how she asks the child if he has the desire to live. A mysterious blind old man playing an instrument at that moment slays the monster preying on the child.

I absolutely appreciate the storytelling of the anime, like the present, flashback and the time lap of 20 years are all covered in the same episode.

The anime also introduces a mysterious doctor named Jukai, who gives prosthetics to the people who died in war as mourning. Jukai speaks only one word in the whole episode that is, Hyakkimaru.

20 years later, a young boy named Dororo appears in the anime who is a thief. Dororo accidentally meets a person wearing a mask who fights with the demon. As the fight goes on, the mysterious person is shown to have fake hands. When the person who appears to be unable to hear and speak kills the demon, he gains the skin in his face which is an awesome scene.

First impression of Dororo

While on the other hand, the lightning appears again and hits the temple and Daigo who is powerful and renowned now is shown to be in a delusion and thus he rushes off to the temple, Hall of hell, only to realize that one more statue of demon god has been damaged symbolizing that there is a connection between Daigo, the demon god and the mysterious person.

The voice actor of Dororo deserves a huge appreciation as Dororo’s voice adds a beautiful sweetness to the gloomy anime.

And the opening of Dororo is so beautiful that you won’t be able to stop humming it and talking about it. I was sold the second I heard the opening.

Dororo anime 2019

The thrill of who those mysterious blind old man and the doctor might be and if the child Daigo abandoned is still alive and is the mysterious person, then how did he survive up until now the future of Dororo, Daigo and other characters ahead in the anime keeps you hooked up in the anime while the traditional music adds more beauty to the anime.

Overall the anime looks promising and gets you hooked into it. The characters and storytelling are awesome, its an anime you have got to watch if you are into adventure/thriller.

Also spilling the tea a little bit more, the mysterious characters are related to each other which is shown in the next episodes.

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