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Why every anime lover needs to watch cowboy bebop?

Cowboy Bebop


Published on May 13, 2020

Cowboy Bebop is a Japanese animated science-fiction television series animated by Sunrise featuring a production team led by director Shinichirō Watanabe.

Cowboy Bebop is one of the anime which every generation of otaku has and can cherish. An anime that has stayed for more than two decades and will continue to stay. So let’s know why every anime lover needs to watch it.

3, 2, 1, let’s jam…

Cowboy Bebop


First things first, cowboy bebop captivates your heart the moment you enter in, the beautiful music and aesthetics just snatches you into its world. We not only escape to a different world in different time through Cowboy bebop but also to a totally different state of mind. It’s a rare delicacy in the history of anime.

Animation is an art and cowboy bebop is the most beautiful art you’d ever come across.

Cowboy Bebop Anime Review

A new genre in itself:

The anime claims itself as a new genre, which is well undoubtedly true. With the greatest soundtracks, aesthetics and characters, cowboy bebop is a masterpiece in itself. An anime which no anime lover should miss.

While most of the anime try to stick to the genre it has chosen. Cowboy Bebop is a new genre in itself, because it has come from everything yet nothing. It is an outcome of the combinations of best and that’s what makes it a new genre itself. It has the nostalgia in it yet it is something we’ve never seen before.

40s jazz, rock and roll, Western feels, noir, action, tragedy. Everyth you expect from an anime is here. Just name it, you get it. It’s a wholesome anime with bestest soundtracks ever. It justifies why it has been best anime even after decades and why it will stay longer. it’s the anime that shows us the real capability of the anime to move us. And the capability of anime itself.


Cowboy Bebop Review

Spike Spiegel is a main character which we’d all find cool. He just has this charm and enigma about just being himself. He’s not the least bit the hero we know but the kind of hero we all have in us. And Faye valentine with not being “just the girl of the MC”. Jet perfectly balancing this reckless family while Edward and Ein bringing the perfect cuteness.

Each character has their own significance. Even the characters that only make it up to one episode, they are not abandoned. Rather their story is completed, and that’s very beautiful.

The characters are the oddest combination that turns out to be the best. Like a perfect curry, we get various flavors in it. The spice, the sweetness and mostly the love and talent of the maker.

What makes the best character is how much it resonates to its viewers and how it shows the best and darkest of itself. And that’s what all this character do. We all see a part of us in ourselves, we laugh with them, we cheer for them its almost like we become a part of them.

cowboy bebop

However, the best part is what lies beneath it all. beneath the coolness, deception, happiness and carefree vibe  The deep pain, longings, loneliness and heavyweight each character holds in them. And that’s when we connect to them, because we understand them and feel them.

A story that lives forever:

What makes the story best is when we think about it even after it ends. And every time we think about it, each time we find a different answer and different perspective of it. When we’re left with questions and curiosities to search for answers that’s when a story succeeds to move its audiences. And that’s what the cowboy bebop does.

Cowboy Bebop anime

Whether you re-watch it after a month, year or decades, the charm will still catch you and keep you fascinated and mesmerized at the same time. Because the story hasn’t ended yet it has stayed in the viewers hearts and minds.

Because it’s a story that lives forever. A flawless story of imperfect characters. A story to find some happiness in those imperfections. A story of seeking the reason to live and die. A story of many goodbyes yet a story that stays.

Cowboy Bebop is anime you should totally not miss if you’re an anime enthusiast.

It’s a beautiful story of sorrowful joy.Well then, see you space cowboy…

Cowboy Bebop review

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