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Ergo proxy; Is truth necessary if lies can keep us happy?

Ergo Proxy Review


Published on March 22, 2019

We’ve always been taught to speak the truth and be honest but is speaking the truth always the good option? What if we end up hurting someone with the truth? Sometimes we end up asking ourselves is honesty the best policy? Is the truth even necessary if lies can keep us happy?

Ergo proxy keeps on making me ask such questions since the whole anime-only progress after the characters begin to search for truth. The truth of their existence, their whole being, and the world but the knowledge of truth can be painful sometimes.

The anime Ergo Proxy shows a world that is totally built on lies and all the citizens living inside the dome are deluded and comforted with lies. They’re robbed of their right to know the truth, the truth that Proxy exists and the truth that life outside the dome is possible too.

Ergo Proxy Review

Ergo Proxy is a very futuristic sort of anime where peoples can only survive inside a dome with robots known as Autoreivs.

This deeply thought-provoking anime shows how everyone suffers from the process of searching for the truth. When Vincent Law comes to know the truth about himself, he becomes the slave of his own truth.

Ergo Proxy Review - Vincent Law

While Re-l’s curiosity to know the truth not only makes her leave the luxurious life she has been living and go to the world outside of the dome. She even fakes her own death and goes for a painful journey and ends up losing her Autoreiv.

Every character in this anime is trying to search for truth in their own ways. Even the Autoreivs comes to know the truth about themselves or self-awareness. Cogito virus which infects the Autoreivs is the point of their self-awareness where they begin to think about themselves, but what it brings to them? Destruction. The destruction which ultimately ends up in the destruction of the dome and humanity.

“For with much wisdom & knowledge comes much sorrow & grief” (Ecc 1:18)
This verse of the bible is truly relatable in this anime as every character when they come in contact with the knowledge or the truth a sorrow too comes along with them. The burden of carrying the truth makes them go paranoid and desperate or obsessed.

The importance of truth begins to be questioned when cogito infected Autoreiv Pino says, “Lies can make people happy“. And we almost feel maybe she’s right, the lies we tell ourselves keep a little hope or faith alive in us and makes us happy.

Autoreiv Pino

This dilemma is also seen in one of the mainstream anime Naruto, as Sasuke was comforted with lies all his life. But after knowing the truth about Itachi the only thing Sasuke wants is revenge. While similar in the anime, Your lie in April, the main character is shown to be comforted with lies but a beautiful lie which brings a huge change in his life.

In my opinion, lies are neither bad nor good. Like fire, they can either keep you warm or burn you to death; depending on how they’re used.

The destruction of the whole dome and humanity is shown in the anime as the result of having knowledge of the truth. So was it necessary for them to know the truth while they were comfortable with a lie? Yes, there was, since the destruction of the dome was already fated.

The dome was built on the fragile thread of lies that had to break sooner or later. Truth is inevitable and it not only makes one suffer but also makes one wise as in ergo proxy we can see every character developing with the knowledge of the truth. It makes one grow.

Ergo Proxy

The process to know the truth sure is painful but that process is what transforms us and changes us, they’re like that little rain which brings the rainbow.

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