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Episode 13 of Wonder Egg Priority gives fans more questions than answers



Published on June 30, 2021

Wonder egg anime

Wonder Egg Priority landed its 12th episode on March 31, 2021 with a lot of unanswered questions. Even when after the release of 11th episode all those mysteries and questions were left unanswered and with just one another episode left to be aired, supposed to have been the final episode, fans didn’t expected it to answer those questions at all. And it surely didn’t. It left all of those unanswered and the series ended with the word of an hour long special episode, dropping on June 30, 2021. Fans were waiting for it for a month, expecting it to conclude the series and mysteries surrounding the Wonder Egg Priority. But after the special episode dropped, fans were nowhere near satisfied.

Wonder egg anime

The 46 minutes long contains recap of the whole series in the first half. And on the other half of the episode rather than trying to answer those questions surrounding the series, it goes on to make the things more complicated and it’s a bit vague. Well, it does answer some of the questions but also leaves a lot of it behind. The bottom line is most of the fans aren’t really happy also comparing it to be similar as “Neon Genesis Evangelion: Death & Rebirth” while some claiming it to be just an OVA to tease future season from the anime.

Wonder egg anime

Well, people were waiting for this for nearly a month and the first half of the special was just a recap. It’s a 13 episode series and it already has a recap episode so it’s being criticized for having another recap. Also fans were expecting Episode 13 would conclude the whole series but rather ended up opening more plot holes leaving them with an unsatisfying ending. While some are accepting the ending since it is an ending open to countless of possibilities. People who may like that kind of ending would willingly accept but still the anime left a lot of things unresolved so many are in no way, satisfied.

Wonder egg anime

While some are certainly being optimistic and waiting for a possible return for another season and while watching the episode it feels like that as well. It feels like more of an OVA and setting itself and hinting for events that will happen in another season but the ending of the special episode have left that part with questions as well. Right at the end of this episode all the main casts came together and said in one tone “Owari” which translates to “the end”. Now whether they implied that to the season or as a whole show, it’s not clear at all. But it strongly do hints that “this is it” from the anime and slims our expectation for this anime to get further season. So the last episode didn’t only left questions from the anime but also raised questions for the fate of the series. Whether it was truly the final episode or just an OVA, we don’t know it yet. Till now there have been no official statement about the future of the series but people do have their own take on this and strongly believe that what they believe is the truth. For now, all we can do is have patience and wait for the official statement which may or may not come.

Wonder egg anime episode

But among all the reactions, one common opinion has surely surface that most of the people agree on, which is: ‘if this is some kind of preview for the next season and this will have another season then this episode is good but if it is truly the end then this was not satisfying at all’, while possibility of further seasons of the anime remains uncertain.

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