Dr. Stone: Yes, They ARE All Just Rocks… and 2 Major Reasons Why They’re Important



Published on October 15, 2020

Ohayo Sekai! Good Morning WORLD!! Time to get up, put on your lab coats and not waste even a picosecond, to dive into today’s centre of attention… Dr. Stone!

dr stone

Yes, the Dr Stone, the anime/manga that shows us the wonders of science and makes us fall in love with minerals and chemicals. And I mean that quite literally, like take a look at Sulphuric acid!

Dr stone anime

Something is rising and it’s not the concentration of Hydrogen ions in our solution!

Dr Stone

Funfact in a character popularity poll Sulfurina (the name she is known by in the fandom) got 15th place! (Despite not actually being a character at all!)

If you have not read the manga or watched the anime yet, I suggest you to not continue if you want to remain absolutely spoiler free of the show. However do know that I won’t be discussing any major character or plot twist related event of the series so you are safe to continue.

Malachite! Chalanthite! Corundum! Galena! Cinnabar!!!

Dr stone

No I am not casting spells to conjure gold here but you can achieve gold plating with cinnabar as Senku shows it in episode 7!

Dr stone

In that very episode we see a gag that is used continuously throughout different parts of the series with characters like Kohaku…

Dr stone

and Magma.

Dr stone

We, the viewers, can relate to Kohaku and Magma in the sense that most of us don’t exactly what is so special about the rocks either apart from understanding Senku just being a nerd about it all. This is the series’s way of reminding us how actual science is such a weird concept to us people in real life who, while reaping the benefits of all the science done by people who manufacture all the goods and devices we need daily, are ourselves rather unaware of where they come from.

‌So why be excited about these rocks? What can they be used for? I ask you to look around for a bit. You live in a house of concrete (limestone and silica) and steel which come from rocks. You are viewing this through a computer or a phone(phones are basically pocket computers anyway) which are also just made up of rocks.

Dr stone

Dr. Stone is about science, about the rigorous process it takes to do science and also about rebuilding humanity and with that it’s a love letter to modern day science and engineering as it so lovingly end excitingly lets us peek into the complexity of the modern world little by little with all the mechanisms and devices Senku builds! Going back to the example of computers, one of my favourite oversimplified descriptions of how computers work is by this twitter account.

Dr stone

The modern world is complex, human civilization has managed to find the most clever solutions to the most wildest, weirdest and hardest of problems and Dr. Stone tries to show us that through all of the work that the Kingdom of Science does.

Dr stone

So why talk about it here at Renai Otaku? Yeah it’s science and cool and all but we’re here for anime not lectures on material science and to that I bring up Byakuya Ishigami! Senku’s (foster) father and one of the astronauts who survived the petrification of humanity.

Dr stone

Byakuya leaves behind the hundred tales as a way of helping Senku rebuild civilization because it’s the right thing to do for science, so humanity can be restored someday.

Dr stone

Dr. Stone is telling us to be more aware of our environment and science to help us be sager and also give us the knowledge to make the world better. Ishigami Byakuya’s Hundred Tales is to the Stone World what Riichiro Inagaki-sensei’s Dr. Stone is to us in real life, a tale that attracts us to science and the glory of civilization. Just like Byakuya told stories about rocks and minerals to ensure people who collect and explore them would come one day, Dr. Stone wants us to explore these ores and minerals and their uses too so we can be like Senku, like Chrome and we can be Sciencers as well. *wink wink*


1. Understanding Our Surroundings

Dr. Stone already showed us how difficult and complicated it is to manufacture even simple things like magnets and glass apparatus, that too based on a single country of Japan. Our world is different in the sense that the goods we consume come from all over the entire world. As one YouTuber put it in such a brilliant way, the device you’re using to view this was assembled in China, made of plastic parts that come from plastic extracted from crude oil in Saudi Arabia processed in a German chemical Plant, powered by batteries of lithium mined in Chile and Bolivia and functioning due to microchips made of aluminium from Australia, Cobalt from Congo, Nickel from Russia and Copper from Chile.

Tldr; Modern manufacturing industry network is exhilarating! 

2. Bettering our surroundings

Dr stone

Senku loves science, yes but he isn’t doing it purely for selfish reasons. He doesn’t want to conquer or rule with the advantage he has with his knowledge. He wants to use it create better technology that will save him and improve people’s quality of life, an example is the moment where he makes lens for Suika’s eyes in the name of “increasing her productivity”.

Dr stone

And similarly by understanding our world and surroundings better we can help put pressure on industries to stop their abuse of labor in those countries, the more people are aware, the more people demand and stop being a slave to the allure of shiny products, the more power we have to improve the world for the ones who risk their lives for the technology we use to enjoy Dr. Stone!!

Final Thoughts

Dr. Stone is a gem (pun intended) of a series. It is what science entertainment has needed for a long while and while yes it has some problems when it comes to its depiction of science (which will be explored in other articles but it’s not a huge issue), it has the heart of a song that celebrates human curiosity and the resources of nature. Dr. Stone is a love letter to science and the way it finally brings a fresh point of view to science based fiction and how it sings the glory of human civilization is a subject that deserves an essay of it’s own. So I ask you all to follow our Byakuya and in the footsteps of Senku and Chrome and use our knowledge and information to save the world and it’s people, like how The Kingdom of Science is saving theirs from petrification!!

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