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Dorohedoro Review: Why I love this anime!

Anime: Dorohedoro Review


Published on August 2, 2020

What Dorohedoro is about

Dorohedoro is a Netflix anime written and illustrated by Q Hayashida. The story of Dorohedoro takes place in  a fantasy world consisting of two different worlds: one where the sorcerers live and “The Hole” where Human Beings live. The protagonist of this anime is “Caiman” the reptile headed human being who, along with his friend Nikaido, is looking for the sorcerer that practiced sorcery on him which led him to lose his memory of the time when he was a normal person and gave him a spiky reptilian head.

Anime Dorohedoro Review

There are a lot of different parties in Dorohedoro, playing their own different important roles (you’ll know once you watch the anime). Like the sorcerers, devils, humans, doctors and cleaners. “The Hole” in this anime is closer to our own world where sorcerers come to practice sorcery on people and basically ruin their life. Because why not? That’s why it’s called “The Hole”. The sorcerers world isn’t all that different from “The Hole” as well except it’s inhabited by sorcerers. And they have their own thing going on with their rulers (the big shots of that world) and their “Festivals”.

Everything is just more realistic and more interesting as I cannot see people with powers not suppressing those who are powerless(I’m trying not to spoil anything for anyone).

Why I love Dorohedoro

(The opinions that you are about to see here are based off of the first season of Dorohedoro available in Netflix)

Dorohedoro Anime Review

Lately I’ve been into a lot of horror, mystery and psychological thriller anime. Dorohedoro is a dark fantasy/thriller anime, so I don’t see why I would not like it. Plus there is generous amount of gory and the animation is really good which really places it apart from all the other animes I’d watched before. The world of Dorohedoro gives off a post-apocalyptic vibe like borderlands (the game) or mad max. To top it off the art style is somewhat similar to what we get to see in borderlands as well. Every episode of Dorohedoro ends with a cliffhanger of some sort which always left me craving for more (I finished watching Dorohedoro in one go).

The Characters

Another reason why I love Dorohedoro is because of the characters. There is not one character in Dorohedoro that I don’t like. When we’re watching an anime, we know we’re watching anime (at least this is the case for me while watching most of the anime) because we know what we’re looking at is completely fictional.

Dorohedoro Review

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying the world of Dorohedoro is real but when it comes to the dialogues, the action and how the characters act based on their past makes me wonder that there could actually be someone with an attitude like that in the real world.

Of course there are bad guys, it’s anime we’re talking about but they’re not all like “We’re the bad guys, we want the world to end”. Everyone has a past of their own, call it their origin story if you will and they have goals of their own. In a nutshell, Dorohedoro has beautiful character designs and their origin stories have something to do with their actions.

I would never not recommend Dorohedoro to anyone who’s a fan of adventure, psychological thriller and animation.

Should you watch Dorohedoro?

Dorohedoro review
Art by @druskel

If you respect every type of animation and it’s a genre you love, the I don’t see why you should not watch Dorohedoro. Especially if you’re watching this because you have nothing else to do. Go watch Dorohedoro.

Opinions on this anime might differ from viewer to viewer but I do not see myself praising this anime enough for what it is through words.

As much as I love this anime, I would not say that you should watch this if it’s going to be the first anime you’ve ever watched or if you find a little blood and gore disturbing. Do not watch this if you’re going to hate it for the reason that I love it so much. Every little detail in this anime is relevant for the story and the plot build up.

But if you’re like me I promise you that watching this anime will not be the worst way to pass some of your precious time. Come back to tell me where I’m wrong about Dorohedoro anytime after you’ve finished watching the anime.

Here’s what the anime looks like

Final Thoughts

Dorohedoro, being as great as it is, is definitely somewhere on top of the list of my all time favourite animes. I hope you enjoyed reading my Dorohedoro review and I succeeded in making some of you want to binge-watch it right away. Thank me later if you end up loving the anime for what it is as much as I do.

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