Nepali Cosplay: An Amazing Community



Published on August 31, 2020

The Nepali cosplay community has come a long way. From a small niche group of fans, they have created a large community even big businesses eager to invest in. Starting from the first convention hosted by Otaku Next in 2014 to 2020's lockdown affected online events, we have witnessed a lot of awesome cosplays.

So what is cosplay? Cosplay is a mixture of the two words “costume” and “play”. It involves dressing up as a fictional (or nonfictional) character. Cosplay is something anybody can partake in, regardless of age, gender or any physical attributes. Nepali cosplay is relatively new considering it’s only recently that big agencies are trying to pick up on it. However, the nepali cosplay community has been present since the last 6 years.

Over these years from the events we’ve attended, we definitely believe that there are a lot of talented folks in the Nepali cosplay community. Fueled by their passion for cosplay, they have created a lot of worthwhile content. Not only do fans participate in major anime conventions but they are seen cosplaying in smaller scaled events and festivals too. Some even do it professionally and get paid for it. Nepali cosplayers’ dedication has definitely helped the cosplay community’s outreach grow massively. In the last couple of years we’ve seen a boom in the growth of Nepali cosplay.

The Nepali cosplay community is full of individuals who have been brought together by their love of anime, manga and video games. There’s even cosplay content centering around western media (Harry Potter, Game of Thrones..etc). However despite the communal feeling and open mindedness, there still are some issues that plague the community. For example, even though cosplay is supposed to be for everybody, lots of cosplayers face body shaming. They are criticized for not being the right weight, height, skin color, etc for the character they are cosplaying. Additionally they also face other kinds of criticisms where people comment on the quality of their costumes or props. Such kind of negativity can be very demotivating especially if you’ve worked hard on the costume and just want to have some fun. But talking to a lot of Nepali cosplayers have shown that many of them are aware of these things to be improved upon. There is a self awareness in the community so hopefully we are moving towards a future where there is a safe space and acceptance. Convention organizers have also taken a stance on this matter, adding security where necessary to prevent sexual assault or to help those affecetd by it.

Talking about conventions, back when they first made appearances, they were free to attend events that only a few knew about through friends or small fan circles. Now, there are both massive pay-to-enter and free events on a yearly basis. On an average, you could expect about three major conventions per year, Otaku Next’s ComCosCon, Otaku Club Nepal’s Otaku Jatra and ZeroStar’s Comiccon Nepal. Well, that was the case before Covid19. These days creators and organizers have taken to a digital medium to showcase cosplay content. To commemorate nepali cosplayers, we too have decided to make an online collection of photos.

Time and again, with their innovative creations and creative ideas, Nepali cosplayers have stunned us all. They do not cease to amaze us with their cosplays, be it self made or store bought. Hopefully 2021 will bring more opportunities for conventions and the Nepali cosplay community. For now, we are content browsing through and celebrating cosplay through online mediums. So what did you think about the collection we’ve put up? Is there any Nepali cosplayer who is your favorite? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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