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Compelling “Cop Craft” first impression!!!

Cop Craft Anime First Impression


Published on July 29, 2019

Cop Craft is a Japanese light novel series. The series shares the same author of Full Metal Panic, Shoji Gatoh. The anime adaptation premiered on July 8, 2019.

Cop Craft First Impression


15 years ago, an unknown hyperspace gate opened over the Pacific. Beyond this gate lies Reto Semaan. A strange alternate world where fairies and demons live. San Teresa City — a city where over two million immigrants live from both worlds.

Cop Craft First Episode

Cop Craft starts with a striking Arabic sort of music. The music immediately captures the viewer’s attention.

The protagonist is Detective Sergeant, Kei Matoba. He is acting as an illegal dealer to recover a fairy. The fairy is being smuggled to make drugs.

Cop Craft Anime First Impression

In the incident, Kei loses both the fairy and his partner to an alien. He seeks vengeance and wants to recover the fairy. For this purpose, he becomes a partner with a Semani world Farbani Knight, Tilarna.

Moreover, the senior remarks Kei as racist when he calls Tilarna “an alien”. This shows how fairies and other fantasy creatures from the other side have established diplomatic relations with Earth. This concept is also in Gintama.

Sen Teresa is a city where immigrants live from both worlds. It’s fascinating and fun but also corrupting with high crimes.

Animation and character

Unlike Arifureta, which too is a light novel, Cop Craft has good animation. The background music is befitting. The jazzy opening is epic. The ending is beautiful and the story is compelling.

Kei is a very mysterious and complex character. He has good relations with thieves although being a cop. On the other hand, Tilarna is a very curious character. She’s cute yet prideful.

Cop Craft First Impression

Cop Craft shows a complex cop fighting a unique evil. It somewhat gives off quite a Psycho-Pass vibe. Even though the anime has mystery aura. It inclines more towards fantasy than sci-fi.


Overall, Cop Craft is promising and enjoyable. The partnership between two contradicting odd peoples from different worlds is thrilling. How their relationship will develop is also very intriguing.

The anime is blends of many known concepts. That is why viewers might get detached or very attached. Nonetheless, one thing is sure that we will be getting a new waifu.

Cop Craft First Impression

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