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Colorful: Anime Review

Colorful anime movie review


Published on February 7, 2019

Colorful anime movie review

“Humans aren’t compromised of a single color, they are made up of various colors, be it beautiful or dirty.”

Colorful is a 2010 Japanese animated feature film directed by Keiichi Hara. It is based on the novel of the same name written by Eto Mori.

A soul wakes up in the body of suicide victim Makoto and must find a way to fit into his existence. The soul must unravel two mysteries, the secret of the great sin it committed in its previous life and why Makoto committed suicide.

I believe that we should never judge a book by its cover and an anime by its title but the anime Colorful sounds so peaceful that it’s irresistible and surprisingly it stands up to its name.

Although it was released nine years ago it addresses the sensitive topics which are still present in our society such as suicide, bullying, extramarital affairs and various others in a very beautiful manner.

The anime starts with a place where souls are accumulated waiting for the reincarnation and the main character whose name is only revealed at the last is approached by a neutral spirit, Purpura.

Colorful anime review

Purpura tells the main character that he had committed a huge sin in his previous life and to remember that sin, he is given a chance to intern in a body of a 14-year-old boy Makoto Kobayashi, who recently attempted suicide.

Thus, the main character wakes up in the body of Makoto and realizes that Makoto has a great life, a lovely family, a beautiful crush and a caring mother.

The main character wonders why Makoto attempted suicide until Purapura who has been acting as a guide the whole time tells him that, the day before Makoto attempted suicide, he had encountered his crush and an old man going in a love hotel while his mother and a guy returning from the same hotel.

Then after the main character who had no interest in Makoto’s life at all begins to pity him and starts to see the ugliness that Makoto had been enduring all the time. Makoto was bullied, his caring mother was a two-timer, his lovely crush was a greedy person.

colorful anime review

The main character decides to have fun since its not his life at all after all and after that, a beautiful story begins to unfold. The friendship between the last ranker of the class, Makoto and the second last ranked of the class is hear warming while the short moment between father and son is truly pure and touching.

Soon the main character comes to realize that everyone has imperfection and the mother who was two-timing was a truly caring person, the brother who never cared of Makoto was trying to sacrifice his career for Makoto’s happiness, his money-obsessed crush was a kind person and the girl whom he found irritating actually cared for him.

The title perfectly fits Makoto’s life.

I love how the anime is inclined more towards life than death. This anime shows the family relations and problems but also reminds us that family loves us the most, it also shows societal problems and ways to handle them and proves that being alive is beautiful.

Colorful review

At last the main character remembers his previous life and confesses to Purapura, that he killed someone and thus his name is revealed.

Final Thoughts

Overall the anime was really beautiful although it was a full rollercoaster ride. The anime sends off a great message that we humans are like colors, whether dirty or beautiful what matters the most is how we are put on a canvas.

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