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Classroom of the Elite: Anime Review

classroom of the elite review
Destiny Dukes


Published on April 22, 2020


Classroom of the Elite follows Kiyotaka Ayanokōji, who is a second-year student who has begun going to Advanced Nurturing High School. A school that focuses more on Academics then anything else and where their grades determine the worth of a student. Kiyotaka is put into D-class, which is seen as the inferior class. There he meets Suzune Horikita and Kikyō Kushida, which puts him on a new, unexpected path.


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Kiyotaka Ayanokōji

A brown-haired and brown-eyed boy who is more than meets the eye. A student in D-Class, Kiyotaka, is more than meets the eye, and this becomes more apparent as he helps his classmates. Although he seems to be mysterious, it becomes obvious that he is intelligent and that he may have an agenda behind him being in D-Class. The only thing that is known about him is that he is searching for freedom and that he seems to have an unconcerned and almost carefree personality.

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Suzune Horikita

A Red-eyed girl with Black-haired with a pink bow, Suzune Horikata seems to be a cold person. Wanting to get her brother’s approval, she decides to attend the same school as him. She starts off by pushing away anyone who wants to be friends with her and believes that friendships would hold her back. However, she begins to open up more when she meets Kiyotaka. Determined to get to A-Class, she recruits his help in doing so. Does he really have her best interest at heart?

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Kikyō Kushida

A girl with beige colored hair with brown eyes. Kikyo has a bright and bubbly personality. She has made a goal to make friends with everyone and has earned respect from everyone in her class. However, she has a secret personality that she would do anything to hide and even threatens Kiyotaka to keep it a secret.

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Honami Ichinose

A girl with strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes. She seems to be a kind-hearted girl and does let the class difference affect the way that she treats people even though she is in class 2-B. She rarely gets upset or angry but she doe enjoy teasing her peers in a light-hearted way.

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Airi Sakura

A blue-eyed, pinked-haired girl worn in two pigtails. She has a introverted and shy personality. She seems to have trouble socializing with her peers. She loves taking pictures, which plays a part in her being befriended by Kiyotaka. She later begins to develop feelings for Kiyotaka.

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Kakeru Ryūen

A boy with Magenta colored hair and black eyes. Kakeru likes to cause trouble, especially for other people. Apart from Class 2-C, he rules over his class and controls them with fear as he does not mind using violence to get what he wants. However, not only is he violent but he also is good a scheming and coming up with ways to get what he wants.

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Arisu Sakayanagi

A girl with Lilac colored hair and violet eyes. She walks with a cane as she has various health issues such as congenital heart disease. She is the type of person who goes with the flow and she tends to just accept certain situations. Having a need for excitement and hating boring situations, she makes for an interesting leader of Class 1-A and has gained the trust and loyalty of her classmates.

 Discussion of Story

This takes place in a school where grades determine how a student is treated and where their status depends on grades. Kiyotaka places into class D where he meets Suzune who is determined to get to class A. The students are given money every month which causes most of them too slack off and overspend and it came as a shock when they found out that they would not get money if they did not bring up their grades. The show follows Kiyotaka and others as they try to help change the dynamic of the school by using their grades.

Discussion of Music and animation

Though there were not many songs in the anime, I did enjoy listening to the opening song. I think the animation was similar to the ones of the manga and worked well with how they wanted to portray the characters.

Entertainment Value

There seemed to be many twists in this anime which I found to be enjoyable. With this anime, not everything is what it seems to be and that keeps the viewers on their toes.

Final Thoughts

The score I would give for this anime would be a 4.5. I enjoyed the story and the characters. The mystery and questions surrounding Kiyotaka, keep the viewer wanting to learn more about his motives and what he really wants. The only complaint that I had was that since the series keeps up the mystery behind the character, viewers do not learn much of anything about his past which would have helped in discovering why he views things the way he does.

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