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Citrus: Anime Review

citrus anime review
Destiny Dukes


Published on March 29, 2020


Citrus is about a girl name Yuzu Aihara who’s mom got remarried, causing her to have to transfer to a new school. Yuzu has never been in love before, and now that she has transferred to an all-girls school, it appeared that she would not be able to. She soon bumps into the school president named Mei, who she would later find out was her new step-sister. After discovering a secret about Mei and teasing her about it, Mei kisses Yuzu. Making her question the nature of their relationship.


Citrus Anime Review

Yuzu Aihara

A blond-haired extraverted outgoing girl. When her mother married a new guy, Yuzu is forced to leave her friends and school. This means that she had to transfer to the all-girls school named Aihara Academy. She informs the viewers in episode one that she has never been in love before attending Aihara Academy. She is the older step-sister in her new family.

Citrus Anime Review

Mei Aihara

A black-haired introverted polite girl. She lived alone before she gained her new family. She keeps everything to herself, not letting anyone in. The younger step-sister in her new family. Hold herself to a high standard and wants to be needed by someone.

Citrus Anime Review

Harumi Taniguchi

The best friend of Yuzu, Harumi has dark auburn hair that she wears in pigtails. She was the first one to approach Yuzu and has become close friends with her. She became friends with her because of her loud personality.

Citrus Anime Review

Himeko Momokino

Has black hair worn in two ringlets. She is the best friend of Mei and also is the vice president of the school. She has been best friends with her since they were young children. She takes disliking to Yuzu and wants her out of Mia’s life.

Citrus Review

Matsuri Mizusawa

A pink-haired girl, who comes into the picture in order to reconnect with Yuzu, Matsuri is not afraid to get what she wants even if she has to play dirty. She considers herself to be the younger sister of Yuzu and takes an instant disliking to Mia. She wants Yuzu to look at her differently then she does.

Discussion of Story

Citrus is a complicated love story between Yuzu and Mei, who finds out that they have become step-sisters. This story focuses on the problems that Mei is and has gone through as the two support each other through the storyline. It does seem like many of the storylines include a female coming into their developing relationship, and it would have been interesting to see the other things they went through after they started dating. It would have been interesting to see how they dealt with the struggles of being step-sisters as well as girlfriends.

Discussion of Music and animation

I enjoyed the opening and closing songs as well as the artwork for the opening and closing themes for the anime. The animation throughout the anime seemed clean and in high quality.

Entertainment Value

The build-up of the anime was enjoyable, as well as the storyline. It was interesting to see the development of them disliking each other to falling in love with one another. It was easy to follow and made me want to read the manga to see if it will cover what happens after they began their relationship.

Final Thoughts

The score I would give would be a 3.5. It was a good anime, and I would watch it again as well as recommend it to others. However, I wish it would have explored other parts of the relationship as well.

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