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Annarasumanara Review; How do we become a real magician?

Annarasumanara Review


Published on September 5, 2019

Do you believe in magic?? If a person asked you this question out of nowhere, how would you answer?

And if that person says that he’s a real magician, how would you react? You’d probably laugh and say that, he’s either crazy or very childish.

Annarasumanara Review

But isn’t magic all about being childish and crazy?

Annarasumanara means “Abracadabra” in Korean. It is a Korean webcomic by Ha Il-Kwon. It is a Coming-of-Age Story with eye-catching art. The avant-garde black and white style is amazing. The use of 3D drawings is unique too. For example, the use of real money.

The story revolves around Ah-ee Yoon, Na Il Deung and their meeting with L, who claims he’s a real magician.

It is a very beautiful yet heart tearing story of how some people try not to be one of the stereotypes. A story of how some people even as an adult still live as a child, very very pure.

Nevertheless, this is also a story of how society calls such peoples insane and pathetic for not being the stereotypes. For not having a proper education, job, and social acknowledgment.

This is the tale of a young girl who wants to be an adult. But, this is also a story of an adult who is still a child. This is a beautiful story of their love for magic. Yet this is not a supernatural story because by the end of the comic you too would start believing in magic.

So, What is magic anyway?

Annarasumanara shows that magic is not only about bringing a rabbit out of a hat or making certain things disappear or appear.

Magic is the capability to change people. It’s the power to give them hope, to show them what they desire, to make someone sigh with relief. It’s an ability to make someone acknowledge how beautiful life is and to make someone admit what they were missing all along.

However, the main philosophical aspect of the story was the curse of Asphalt Road and the bed of flowers.

We all run in an asphalt road trying to ignore every stone, or dirt that comes in our way just like Na ill Deung. We run because everyone’s running. We need to run faster than everyone because someone told us to do so. But L says that the asphalt Road is cold and lonely. He says that only when we step off that road, we will land in a bed of flowers, which is very warm and wonderful.

Even though to the those who are running in that asphalt Road, people enjoying the scenario looks like insane. But in reality, they’re the only people who are living an admirable life.

Annarasumanara Webtoon Review


Significantly, when Na ll Deung realizes this, his Big-headed face changes into an actual one, making him look more realistic.

A real magician

As the story progresses we’re fascinated by this suspicious and mysterious self-acclaimed real magician L. But is he a real magician? Oftentimes readers are left to interpret for themselves.

The back story of L or Lee Eul is a very tragic one. He was a stereotypical good student too. However, the pressure of expectations makes him hallucinate. He hallucinates of yellow butterfly ( representation of insanity and rebirth) and many more.

He hallucinates up to the point where sees a beautiful garden and jumps from a third floor. He then drops out, gets treatment and learns magic.

Annarasumanara Review

So what makes this dropout person who is called crazy by everyone a real magician?

The fact that L is very pure in heart like snow makes him real.  He’s not corrupted and he doesn’t care about stereotypes. He’s 30 y.o. with no job or family or social status. He doesn’t think of the future and only lives in the present. He does what he loves.

To some he’s pathetic but to some he’s fascinating. He’s someone we secretly aspire to be but dare not to, because of society’s fear.

The Magician inspires us to step aside from the paths others have chosen us and to appreciate and experience the little joys of life. Live the magic that is to be found in this world. Be yourself no matter what. He’s real and pure in this fake world and he can change others or make a positive influence on others makes him a magician. A real magician.


Similarly, the comic criticizes society’s obsession with academic achievements and conventional careers. It motivates us to follow our dreams. It inspires us to believe in magic because if we can’t accept magic, we can’t believe in change and we can’t fight.

Annarasumanara Review

Later, peoples falsely accuse L as a criminal and he ends up disappearing. The story has an open ending. We don’t know where L is, but we know the transformations he brought to the characters around him. Just like a real magician.

The story is very very beautiful. It is thought-provoking and charming and leaves a very deep impression. Annarasumanara is a masterpiece that is a must-read for every young adult.

Further, the story gives out a message that we shouldn’t give up on our dreams and passions to meet the standards of society. Thus, we automatically end up falling into the magician L’s spell.

Annarasumanara Manhwa Review

So, won’t you believe in magic? Won’t you believe in your dreams and desires? Won’t you believe in change?

Final Thoughts

Overall, Annarasumanara is a masterpiece with beautiful art and thought-provoking message. It has the capability to make you believe in dreams and magic. Moreover, it has the ability to change your view's towards life.

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