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Konata Izumi Otaku queen in all her glory


Published on January 8, 2019

Being an anime otaku means you are a die-hard anime fan. Even Kanye proudly talks about his love for anime. But sometimes fandom goes beyond simply liking some Japanese animated shows and talking about them. Sometimes it goes into a level obsession where it takes over your life!

In this top 10 list, we’re gonna break down the Top 10 In-world Anime Otaku; the characters who personify the best and the worst, and the most powerful otaku. Some anime otaku flaunt their power levels. Some conceal it. Some find the perfect balance, and all of them are totally obsessed.

10. Haruka Nogizaka (Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu)

Anime Otaku Nogizaka

A school idol and piano prodigy, Haruka is gentle, clumsy and kind. Haruka learned in middle school that her otaku hobby was something to be ashamed of, and so she sealed away her love for anime and manga. She only indulged in them in private. Her family’s wealth allows her to fund her hobby to a level enviable to many anime fans in real life, but her position in her family and in society contribute to the shame that her experiences in middle school implanted in her.

Due to the fact that she isn’t able to indulge in her fandom past using it as a pastime and purchasing anime (like all good anime fans should, of course), her power level is stunted. But the persistence of her fandom shows that the spark is definitely there. She belongs on our list!

Otaku Power level: 5000

9. Narumi Momose (Wotakoi)

Anime Otaku Narumi

By all accounts, Narumi Momose of Wotakoi is a very normal, well-adjusted adult. However, behind her bright smile and business attire, Narumi hides an otaku core, a fan of Boy’s Love, otoge, cosplay, anime, and manga! The girl tries desperately to conceal her power level at work, but at home, with her loving boyfriend Hirotaka Nifuji, her otaku power bursts at full strength!

As she feels she can’t be open about her otaku nature and be respected in her workplace, she keeps her otaku power level down to a respectably mild obsession, and so isn't powerful enough to fall high on our list.

Otaku Power level: 5500

8. Hajime Tsunashi (Danna ga Nani wo Itteiru ka Wakaranai Ken)

Anime Otaku Hajime

Lifetime otaku from a family of otaku (if what we see of his family is anything to go by), Hajime is a passionate career otaku blogger, reviewing anime and games. His constant anime references make him sometimes completely unintelligible to his wife, Kaoru, and even though the two don’t share the passion for anime culture, they love one another nonetheless.

Since he successfully finds non-otaku love and happily marries Kaoru, but taking into account his career-otaku lifestyle, Hajime comes in low on the otaku power level ranking.

Otaku Power level: 6500

7. Kirino Kosaka (Oreimo)

Anime otaku Kirino

Having a brother complex is something only a true otaku would find themselves victim to, and sure enough, bro-con Kirino is a full-blown otaku. Family pressure and other reasons cause her to suppress her otaku side (that is apparently built around her secret desire for her three-years-older brother, Kyosuke).

While her otaku power level is high and undeniable, given her massive collection of anime and even eroge, the source of her otaku power level is corrupt incestuous desire, and thus her power level is crippled, and her place on our list is so affected.

Otaku Power level: 6660

6. Renge Hoshukaji (Ouran High Host Club)

Anime Otaku Renge

Blessed with access to her parents’ bottomless bank accounts, Renge is an otaku who was able to turn what could have been a simple hobby into an otaku-level obsession, to the point where it almost seems as if she has trouble distinguishing reality from her otaku pursuits. With a level of obsession only the incredibly wealthy can indulge, she flew from France to Japan with the intention of marrying a man simply because he looked similar to one of her favourite characters.

It is this level of indulgence and obsession which makes her a perfect example of a powerful anime otaku!

Otaku Power level 7777

5. Takumi Nishijo (Chaos;Head)

Anime Otaku Takumi

Living alone in a storage crate on top of a building in the middle of Tokyo filled with anime figures and paraphernalia, Takumi is the epitome of an otaku. He talks with his figures and his distinction between reality and his internal otaku world sometimes come into conflict with one another. Factors outside of his control within his story give his otaku nature a back seat, but the otaku knowledge and skills he gained in watching anime and playing eroge prove indispensable to helping him survive his intense story.

Realistically, his power level should be off the charts, but due to reasons which cannot be explained in this list for the sake of spoilers, certain factors exclude him from taking a spot higher on the list.

Otaku Power level: 8000

4. Erika Karisawa (Durarara)

Anime Otaku Erika

Marinated in Akiba culture, and gently simmered over a fire of anime and Boys’ Love, Erika Karisawa is such a hardcore otaku that aside from her close friend Walker, those around her are often unable to understand her at all. Characters who spend as much time as Erika does within the trappings of Akihabara will inevitably be swallowed by absolute otaku-ness, and she is the proof in the pie.

Her constant anime references and unending devotion to everything otaku allows Erika to earn this esteemed position on the list of most powerful otaku.

Otaku Power level: 8999

3. Itaru Hashida (Stein’s;Gate)

Itaru Anime Otaku

While Stein’s;Gate is filled with otaku of all sorts, by far the most Powerful otaku is Itaru Hashida, An all-rounder otaku, Itaru is more than just a fan of anime! He’s a connoisseur of all things Akiba culture, including “@channel” – an in-universe iteration of Japan’s infamous “2ch”, from which 4chan was inspired – maid cafes, and visual novels.

Going by the nickname Daru, and a self-professed “supa-haka”, he makes obscure references to all sorts of anime and visual novels, even drawing upon JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure for his catchphrase in Stein’s;Gate 0, “daga, kotowaru!” Itaru earns his place in our list because of his unabashed otaku nature and total inability to conceal his power level.

Otaku Power level: 9000+

2. Umaru Doma (Himouto Umaru-chan)

Gremlin Umaru in full force!

Taking the anime world by storm in 2015, Umaru Doma – Umaru-chan, embodies the heart of anime otaku everywhere. She perfectly balances her otaku life with her social life by essentially splitting her personality in two. The ‘true’ Umara, a cola-guzzling, chip crunching gremlin, is an otaku of exponential power. Umaru-chan's ability to separate from it completely to become a high-achieving, successful socialite in public is both formidable and massively enviable to real otaku who may struggle with shutting off the otaku mode.

For her formidable control over her clearly massive power level, Umaru-chan the gremlin undeniably earns her place in our list.

Otaku Power level: 9000+

1. Konata Izumi (Lucky Star)

Konata Izumi Otaku queen in all her glory

In 2006, Konata and the cast of Lucky Star took the anime industry by storm, kicking the niche moe genre into full blast. It follows that she takes out our #1 spot for most truly powerful anime otaku. Konata is one of the most infamous and beloved otaku by all true anime veterans. Konata's dry wit and unending arsenal of otaku references, and her charming personality is what gets her at the top.

She is the anime otaku queen, and almost every anime otaku girl post-2006 is essentially an attempt to mimic the success and charm of Konata. Konata earns her place on the list because her power level is well over 9000, but she has the wisdom, discipline, and experience to weave it into her conversation so flawlessly that she is able to present as functionally normal even amongst non-anime fans, even while displaying high powered anime expertise.

Otaku Power level: 9000+


So there you have it! Where do you rank amongst our most powerful anime otaku? Are you a humble anime lover like Haruka, or is your love for anime a fiery obsession that you expertly weave into all aspects of your life, like Konata? Let us know in the comments down below!

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