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Pink Hair, Don’t Care! 2010s Edition

Zero Two 2


Published on January 3, 2020

What do you think about pink hair? Pink is a pretty cute color and especially in anime where you see characters sporting outrageous hairstyles and colors, pink hair is a recurring trait. However not every girl with pink hair is your typical kawaii character. This past decade we’ve seen an amazing array of characters who have pink hair but have varied personalities. Let’s take a look at Twenty Ten’s girls who have pink hair.

10. Saya Takagi from Highschool of the Dead

pink hair anime girl Saya

Saya is an absolute genius and is the brains of the team. Instead of fighting, she prefers to come up with strategies on how to outwit them. Don’t let her soft pink hair fool you. She is far from docile and is in fact very arrogant and stubborn. Saya always considers herself to be right because she is so smart, and comes off as mean more often than not. However, deep down she is a tsundere and her demeanor changes when she finally allows herself to be close to others.

Anime release date: July 2010.

9. Faris NyanNyan from Steins;Gate

Faris anime girl

Faris is the owner of her maid cafe MayQueen NyanNyan in Steins;Gate. As her name suggests and also because she works in a maid cafe, she ends all of her sentences with the word “nya”. She has an ability called the Cheshire break, which allows her to see inside of people’s hearts by looking into their eyes. Although outwardly she is very moe, inside she is very insecure and self-conscious. It may be that she is using her cute appearance and personality to mask her insecurities.

Anime release date: April 2011.

8. Ram from Re:Zero

pink hair anime girl Ram

Although Ram is more outgoing and forward than her twin sister Rem, she is also kind of mean and selfish. If you had to compare the twins, Ram definitely would not be the cute one, despite her pink hair, she seems self-centered. However, the fact is she just does not like to be close to other people. Being the older one of the twins, she also possesses different talents and aptitudes that are applauded by everybody.

Anime release date: April 2016.

7. Mina Ashido from Boku no Hero Academia

pink hair anime girl mina ashido

Mina, AKA Pinky, is a bubbly school girl hero from one of the decade’s most popular anime. She’s very easy-going and always has a smile plastered on her face. Mina enjoys shopping a lot and is very invested in fashion. She’s the class’s social butterfly. She has a strong sense of justice and morals, and ever since she was a kid she used to stand up for those who were bullied. This makes her perfect to be a hero.

Anime release date: April 2016.

6. Mitsuri Kanroji from Demon Slayer

pink hair anime girl mitsuri kanroji

When you say the name Mitsuri Kanroji, the first word that comes to mind is compassion- because that’s what she has the most. She is very compassionate and emotional. Jokingly called “the Pillar of Love”, Mitsuri is always looking for the good things in everybody she meets. Inside her head, she is complimenting the people around her. She is probably the only character in this list who has pink hair and has the traditionally soft demeanor associated with it. Mitsuri really wants to become a wife, but only to a man who is stronger than her, which proves to be a very difficult thing as Mitsuri herself is quite strong.

Anime release date: April 2019

5. Mei Hatsume from Boku no Hero Academia

pink hair anime girl Mei Hatsume

Hatsume Mei is quirky and loud. She’s assertive and never hesitates to say what’s on her mind. Despite her pink hair, she is very weird and cocky. However, she is still a nice person on the inside. She has a talent for making equipment and combined with her Zoom quirk, she proves herself to be an excellent inventor.

Anime release date: April 2016.

4.Junko Enoshima from DanganRonpa

Junko Enoshima

The Ultimate Fashionista, Junko Enoshima is far from what she looks like. Her outward characteristics show her to be extremely talkative and haughty. She also seems to be quite carefree about whatever is going on around her. But once her true nature is uncovered, we understand that her pink hair hides a much more sinister personality.

Anime release date: July 2013.

3. Madoka Kaname from Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Anime girl Madoka

At the start of the series, Madoka is a kind yet average and ordinary school girl living her absolutely normal life. But as the series progresses, she turns out to be a very heroic and mature girl. Although she initially is anxious and scared, she tries her best to help others around her as much as she can.

Anime release date: January 2011.

2. Nonon Jakuzure from Kill la Kill

Anime girl with Pink hair Nonon Jakuzure

One of the Student Council’s Elite Four, Nonon is a short girl who is in charge of the school’s non-athletic clubs. She is the leader of the marching band too. Although small, Nonon is a fierce girl. Her pink hair may make you think she is cute and sweet, which she is on the outside, but inside she is snarky and extremely witty. Out of the elite four, she is the most arrogant member. She is constantly making remarks to everybody around her, friends and foes alike. But still, regardless, she is a caring person who wants the best for her friends and teammates.

Anime release date: October 2013

1. Zero two from Darling in the Franxx

Zero Two 2

Everybody probably knows this girl with pink hair, Zero two. 02 is one of the best female characters of the decade. Due to her traumatic past, 02 beats herself down a lot and is reluctant to get close to others. She prefers to be alone and even if she appears outgoing, it’s mainly just a front. But after spending time and opening up to Hiro, 02 begins to open her heart to others around her slowly. In spite of the rumors that surrounded her, saying that she was dangerous and cold, 02 turns out to be a beautiful individual who is able to move beyond her pain.

Anime release date: January 2018

Bonus: Natsuki from Doki Doki Literature Club

pink hair Natsuki

Although she isn’t from an anime, we couldn’t help adding her to the list because she really does belong in a list of girls with pink hair. Natsuki is your typical tsundere girl who loves baking and all cute things. She loves to spend her time making cupcakes and reading manga in the club. She has a dark past and a dysfunctional family, which explains why she is the way she is. But still, she is a sweet little girl who tries her best to make everyone happy in the club, even if she comes off as rude most of the time. Pink hair, do care.

Game release date: September 2017.


So there you have it folks! This is the end of our list of pink haired characters of the 2010's decade. Even if they have the same hair color, their personalities are vividly different. Don’t treat every pink haired girl the same. Which one is your favorite character? Let us know in the comments!

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