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Top 10 Adoptive Parents of Anime

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Published on July 6, 2017

Adoptive parents love their kids as much as biological parents do. It seems that in anime a lot of protagonists are orphans. That’s when foster parents step in and raise the characters as their own kids. Here are ten anime characters who have acted as adoptive parents!

10. Kobayashi from Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

adoptive parents kobayashi san

A meganekko computer programmer with light red hair, Kobayashi is a cool yet endearing woman. Referred to as “Kobayashi-san”, she is initially stoic. However, as time passes, she becomes more open and approachable. She acts as a mother figure for one of the dragon girls, Kanna, doing many things in her favor and taking care of her needs.

She is very rational and acts as the source of reason in the group. Kobayashi has an interest in maids, which comes out in a dynamic way when she’s drunk.

9. Grisha and Carla Yeager from Attack on Titan

adoptive parents yeager family

Grisha Yeager and his wife Carla Yeager are Eren’s parents from Shingeki no Kyojin/ Attack on Titan. They also took in Mikasa Ackerman after her parents were killed, thus acting as her adoptive parents. Carla seems to care a great deal for both Eren and Mikasa, acting protective when they are in danger. When the Titans breached the wall Maria, she put her children’s lives before her own.

8. Grandpa Gohan from Dragon Ball

adoptive parents grandpa gohan

Grandpa Gohan is a short old man who is gentle and caring. He used to be a martial artist. Grandpa Gohan found baby Goku in the woods and adopted him, acting as his foster grandfather. He has a very good morale, which he passed onto Goku. Even though Goku had unconsciously killed him, he didn’t feel any resentment and still loved Goku.

7. Terada Ayano from Gintama

adoptive parents otose

More popularly known as “Otose” from Gintama, Terada Ayano is Gintoki’s landlady who acts as his mother. Although a strict person, Otose is also very caring. She met Gintoki while she was visiting her husband’s grave. He had vowed to protect her as his way of paying back for the food he ate, which Otose had brought as offerings.

Even though she nags Gintoki for rent payment, she thinks of him as her son and genuinely cares about him, hence she is on our list of the best adoptive parents.

6. Mito Freecss from Hunter X Hunter

adoptive parents Mito

Mito is originally Gon’s aunt. She adopted him when he was a baby, acting as a foster mother for him. She is kind, reliable and patient, putting up with Gon’s flaws. She is one of the best adoptive parents in anime as she takes care of Gon well. Initially, against the idea of Gon becoming a Hunter, she later accepts it. She is fond of and is very good at cooking.

5. Pinako Rockbell from Fullmetal Alchemist

adoptive parents pinako

Dr Pinako Rockbell from FMA is a surgeon, weaponsmith and an automail expert. She is also Winry Rockbell’s grandmother, acting as her direct guardian after the death of her parents. After Elric brothers’ mother died, she also took them in as her grandkids. Pinako loved the Elric brothers and was very protective of them.

4. Cross Marian and Mana Walker from D.Grayman

adoptive parents cross

Both Cross Marian and Mana Walker quality as adoptive parents because of their roles to Allen Walker. Cross had taken Allen in and trained him, being his mentor, while Mana was Allen’s adoptive father. Between Cross and Mana, the former was a man obsessed with women, money and booze. Although Cross was rough with Allen, he still showed him his soft side sometimes. Mana used to be an emotionally distant man, but being with Allen made him more fatherly.

3. Iruka Umino from Naruto

adoptive parents iruka

The very popular chunin from Naruto can be seen as one of the best adoptive parents in anime as he took care of Naruto. Even though his parents were killed by the Nine-Tailed Demon sealed inside Naruto, he still tended to him. Iruka also understood how lonely Naruto felt because he had also lost his parents at a young age. When Naruto marries Hinata, he asks Iruka to attend the ceremony as his father.

2. Kamina from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

adoptive parents kamina

Kamina Jiha is a strong willed young man who acts as a father and brother to protagonist Simon. He insists that Simon call him “aniki”. Kamina realized Simon’s full potential and always encouraged and supported him. He is also Simon’s role model. Although Kamina acts crazy sometimes, he’s a very intelligent person.

1. Bell-mère from One Piece

adoptive parents bellmere

Bell-mère is a woman with a mohawk and a confident personality. She was Nami and Nojiko’s foster mom. She used to be a Marine. Bell-mère used to be reckless and rowdy as a kid, which helped her deal with a younger Nami who threw tantrums of her own. She loved both of her daughters and made a lot of sacrifices for them. Hence, Bell-mère is one of the greatest adoptive parents in anime because of her dedication to Nami and Nojiko.


These ten characters have shown to us how much good adoptive parents can do, even if they aren’t related to their children by birth. Which foster parent is your favorite one who do you think loved their kids the most? Let us know!

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