5 Anime that Missed the Opportunity to Greatness

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Published on August 25, 2020

All the anime watchers at some point may have watched an anime and thought “Such a missed opportunity. If they had done certain things this anime would have been so good.”

Today I’ll be presenting you 5 anime that I’ve watched which made my mind to repeat the exact statement written above. These 5 anime which missed the opportunity to greatness.

1. Sword Art Online

So let’s start with something familiar to everyone. The anime which made almost everyone to go through the same feeling so that you can get familiar to the article that is presented to you. Sword Art Online is an adventure, sci-fi anime that started airing from 2012 adapted from Light Novel series of same title created by Reki Kawahara and illustrated by abec. I clearly remember the first episode of the show. Even before the announcement of Akihiko Kayaba, the scene when Kirito and Klein are just chilling in the fantasy world of the game, it was enough to mesmerize me. I saw the Sword Art Online as a fantasy anime though it was a Sci-Fi anime and still maintained that genre, it was something impressive. And when Akihiko Kayaba announce that the players are trapped in the game, if the players die in the game they die in real and the only way out is to finish the game, I thought it was a dope concept. And really Sword Art Online really lives up to the expectations. The dark atmosphere it creates the pain the characters show when they die, the suffering they go through and also how Kirito is treated for being the beta tester and he’s like a lone wolf, builds an amazing series….

Unfortunately for only some episodes. Yeah you’re reading the right article, it’s about Anime that missed the opportunity to greatness and Sword Art Online misses it miserably. Got confused while I was just praising about its good sides only? Okay so I started having problem with Sword Art Online when the failed harem of SAO started. Our Boy is overpowered, he knows everything about the game, he’s the cool lone wolf now let’s give him some girls. Personally, I kid you not. The harem of Sword Art Online is the worst harem I had ever seen in anime ever which completely destroyed the cool aspect of Kirito for me. I cannot look Kirito as cool as I did back then till this date.

And the Kirito and his girl Asuna goes to some honeymoon or family vacation, I don’t know and live with their “daughter” Yui. That was some wholesome thing but it destroyed the dark world and atmosphere Sword Art Online built in some episodes which is not an easy task. But I was considerate thinking “they’ve been fighting in the front lines for a while let’s give them some break.” And the Aincrad ARC ended and writer still didn’t wanted Kirito to unite with his girl. He had to go some more lengths. And till that point too it was okay. Things are messed up but pretty considerable. And Kirito met Asuna and yeah we got ending we’ve been waiting for the season. And it was Time to Stop. But no, Sword Art Online summoned a really huge hype train and riding that train it continued and we got Season 2.

I can still consider Phantom Bullet ARC. Even though that was trash but at least it had a point, a sense. But can anyone explain things after that? Sword Art Online became a trash and it continued to become worse. But I have to give credit that Sword Art Online did one of the greatest comebacks with Alicization but at that point everyone had dropped this series and never got courage to return to the series after the tragedy of Season 2. So except the things that are pretty considerable, Sword Art Online was ruined by its failed harem and when it was supposed to end but instead rode the hype train. “Maybe, the fans would like to see Kirito having fun with Asuna and other girls clearing the boss of the same Aincrad”--- No. This made the series worse. Though, it made a great comeback with Alicization but I can’t term it as a series which was great if I had to do so then I’ll have to separately say Alicization part of this series. So, it missed the opportunity to greatness.

Genre: Adventure, Sci-fi
Type: Series
Status: Ongoing

2. Fireworks

Fireworks is a 2017 romantic anime movie based on based on Shunji Iwai’s live-action TV film of the same name. Fireworks movie has great animation, great presentation and everything and it doesn’t have many issues like with Sword Art Online. It has just one issue and it was a massive one which destroyed the whole movie. And that is the characters are expressionless. I believe that if characters are expressionless then movie loses its soul and it becomes something you cannot invest yourself on. Whether the characters are happy or sad or angry because they lack expression. I could not take anyone seriously at all and thought they were all acting.

The anime where even the characters act Minna-san. The romance anime where characters lack expression ruins the chemistry the characters should have. They even seemed like dolls to me at some point. Because of this the characters become something you cannot connect to, their action lacked purpose and they do not matter at all. They pulled off everything else perfectly, the visuals and animation are insane which may able to even hook some audience till last minute but the one thing, the major thing that could have been avoided easily made it miss its opportunity to greatness.

Genre: Romance
Type: Movie

3. Her Blue Sky

Her Blue Sky is a 2019 anime film directed by Tatsuyuki Nagai and written by Mari Okada. For this movie, I’m going to point out the problems first and the good sides of it later cause this movie might be great but it’s pretty good. When the movie starts, we see Aoi practicing with her bass so at first impression you get is this movie is going to be a musical film. The opening scene is so refreshing and gives you a vague idea that this movie is going to be a breath of fresh air. And as the story progresses the film carries romantic aspects as well and carries both romantic and musical aspects in a great way for some time. And honestly, I think that the movie could have carried both weight decently till the end but completely abandons musical aspect of it. Such that, movie ends without even showing the performance of Aoi in the event that the movie builds up to. Like a betrayal to her.

Almost like those building for her performance and the refreshing opening of the movie had no meaning. And after I finished the movie, it somewhat felt like the fusion of Anthem of the heart and Aohana. But as I said it may not be great but it was still a good movie. The care and pure love the sisters have for each other will move you many times throughout the movie. The movie also beautifully shows how we can never truly understand what and why other is doing until we look it from their eyes. Also how our heart and feelings are sometimes out of our control. And also how time can change people and their passion can vanish in the sands of time, the way movie presented it was so relatable and realistic. So it was a pretty good movie but it couldn’t handle some things and even abandoned things that movie built up so it missed its opportunity to greatness.

Genre: Drama
Type: Movie

4. Re:Creators

Re: Creators is 2019 Japanese anime series by Troyca. Re: Creators is very creative and with a very unique and amazing concept and plot. And it also has some great characters and character developments. Re: Creators doesn’t only stick to its own plot but also presents problems that people working in anime industry, aspiring creators and even teenagers faces. The real world of this anime is made as realistic as our world to make the plot more realistic. But in spite of all that, Re: Creators has its own problems and that is Re: Creators has some plot holes which are created by its own ignorance. When creators of all the creations that come to real world are targeted and appear to be in danger, Mamika’s creator wasn’t even mentioned. The series just ignored that.

The status of Mamika’s creator wasn’t revealed and this problem was too easy to notice but still it wasn’t fixed. And till the last episode, I waited for them to reveal how exactly did Altair appeared to real world from the virtual world which was important and the base of the series cause if it was revealed they didn’t had to explain how other characters appeared in the real world but they didn’t that leaves many things unclear and the series itself became hollow. Also it seemed that they made the antagonist so overpowered that even the creators of the series struggled to get rid of it. That thing was clear for some episodes then they remembered their trump card and props because they did a fine job in defeating that overpowered Antagonist and to do that from the point they reached was a difficult task to pull. But even though it had some great and impressive aspects, it ignored some simple things which could be easily fixed which made it miss its opportunity to greatness.

Genre: Action, Sci-fi, Fantasy
Type: Series
Status: Finished Airing
Episodes: 22

5. Fate/Apocrypha

Fate/Apocrypha is a 2012 anime adaptation of one of the light novels of Type-Moon’s Fate Franchise. Not gonna lie, I was really hyped when I started Fate/Apocrypha. I loved the war system of Fate/Apocrypha. I was like, “Now, this is a Holy Grail “War”.”

Two sides, seven servants on each sides with their masters. Even most of the servants are known names. A fate series becomes exciting when even 3-4 servants are very popular names or are over powered but here out of 14 servants most of were known names as well as over powered. And the series started with the armies of homunculus and dragon tooth warriors fighting and Sabers of Red and Black Factions going head to head and the appearance of the Ruler. Everything was hyping the series. The series shows how the Grail actually functions and the purpose of Ruler in a Holy Grail war which makes it an important addition to fate.

But the hype couldn’t last long because anime is pretty disappointing when all the hyping elements were over and there’s nothing to show. Anime is very fast pacing and you can’t even blame the anime because anime had to handle the show with 15 servants and 14 masters which was only 25 episodes long. So the show started to get rid of the characters really fast. The anime only focused on some of the masters of Yddgmillennia and ignored the rest after a while or got rid of them. It didn’t even showed Red masters except masters of Saber and Assassins. Others were just like some background characters. And one of the things that carry fate is master-servant relationship. That’s why the servants whose masters were “separated” from battle didn’t get much of the development and their relationship too didn’t develop with their masters at all.

Anime started to get rid of the servants as well and too quick. As I already said Anime has huge pacing problems which creates other problems for the anime as well. Like the purpose behind the actions of the character carries less weight. Because of the pacing problem, the efforts of anime to make Seig the main character seemed too forceful. The romance between Jeanne and Seig lacks chemistry and many other problems. Well the series tried to show how the definition of good was different from people to people which was quite good approach but made the main antagonist to lack his antagonistic element.

Fate/Apocrypha hyped me up too much at beginning but after Yddgmillennia attacked back at Hanging Gardens the quality of the show degraded and could not maintain the hype it built up in an instant and missed its opportunity to greatness.

Genre: Action, Fantasy, Magic
Type: Series
Status: Finished Airing
Episodes: 25


It’s only one shot at creating an anime. After it’s made and published there’s no turn back to correct even a slight drawbacks of it. Even slight drawbacks can create a chain reactions of problems in the series which can ruin a series that has the potential of becoming a great anime and that makes me sad that I would never be able to see these anime that missed opportunity to greatness, achieving the greatness it could have achieved.

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