4 Subtle but Brilliant Hints in God of Highschool that Foreshadowed Jin Mori’s True Identity That You Might Have Missed

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Published on October 8, 2020

God of Highschool has been one of the most hyped and successful anime this season with old and new fans everywhere cheering and howling to it’s beautifully choreographed and animated fights. The first season ended recently in episode 13 revealing the true identity of our beloved protagonist Jin Mori, The Monkey King.

Jin Mori, The Monkey King form

While the reveal came pretty early and didn’t stretch out like many other shows in the same genre do, it was still well established and foreshadowed.

His love for fighting, food and carefree nature is shown from the beginning which led many to compare him to another more famous character with the same attributes as they even began to call him the “Korean Goku“. People had no idea how accurate that statement was Goku himself is one of the many adaptations of the original Monkey King!

While this seems like the standard Shounen mc trope, unlike other Shonen protagonists who are that way because they’re inspired by Goku, Jin Mori possesses the attributes because he IS Goku!

But that’s not the only thing that was given to us. There were several other hints and easter eggs the anime threw at us to tease us with Mori’s real identity.

1. Monkey-like behaviour and Banana!

I know! It sounds kinda disappointing that this is on the list but it IS one of the major subtle hints we got since the beginning of God of Highschool. Mori was compared to a monkey by several characters in their quips and remarks and is shown to love banana in quite many scenes. The most obvious one being after his match with Judge Q in episode 4 where he is almost passed out tired but is smiling and talking about wanting a banana to eat!

2. Park Mu Jin’s “Gift” : The Peach

In episode 2 of God of Highschool, Jin Mori interferes in Go Gamdo’s match saving him from Kang Minseok’s ruthless torture which results in him having to fight Judge Q to not be disqualified from the tournament. The day before the match Park Mu Jin gifts Jin Mori some “fruits” within which is a special peach.

That peach makes Mori cough up blood and pass out and then have a strange vision. The peach is a reference to the original story of The Monkey King, in which he is stationed as the protector of the “Peaches of Immortality” in the Jade Palace ( Heaven realm of the Taoist Gods). He ends up eating one himself and runs into trouble because of it!

3. The Vision

The Nyoibo (Ruyi Jingu Bang in the original chinese) is the signature weapon of The Monkey King. Mostly popularised as a red staff with golden bands by the classic chinese animated series “Journey To The West – Legends Of The Monkey King” it made it’s debut in God of Highschool in episode 3 in the vision Jin Mori had when he passed out after eating the peach given to him by Park Mu Jin, who wanted to test if Mori was truly extraordinary. In the Vision we can see Mori commanding and army with a giant red pillar beside him.

Another shot is of him with a red staff facing an army of monsters.

The visions implied the telescopic nature of the staff being able to change shape and size according to will as the original iconic staff of The Monkey King.

4. Invisible Nyoi Bo and Nimbus clouds

In episode 11 of God of Highschool, the match between Ilpyo and Jin Mori continues from where it left off in the previous episode as the newly awakened Kyuubi within Ilpyo gives him the strength to overpower Mori. Mori, not one to go down without a fight then awakens some parts of his own divine powers and is able to summon the Nimbus clouds although they’re not yet called so in the episode.

He even wields the Nyoibo.

which is invisible at that moment indicating Mori hadn’t yet unlocked the full extent of his powers.

So there you have it! The subtle and clever easter eggs God Of Highschool gave us packed full of lore to dive in and explore. How many had you noticed ? Or did you notice more Easter eggs that we didn’t? Let us know in the comments below so we can nerd out together!

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