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Top 10 Underappreciated Anime ( Part I )

Touken Ranbu - Underappreciated Anime


Published on March 11, 2019

There are many anime which are not just a mere anime but a whole philosophy or documentary, also to be precise a piece of art, yet they are underappreciated. These anime leave you awed with creativity and leaves a very deep impression in your heart with its beauty. And yet they are rarely talked about with very few or no fandom at all.

So, Here are the top 10 underappreciated anime part I, because only one part can't ever cover all the underappreciated anime we are dying to talk about.

10. Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru

Underrated Anime

Token Ranbu in my perspective is a very less talked about anime despite its beautiful art, calming story and creative characters. It's an anime about friendship, brotherhood and history. The anime has light and beautiful story but the characters are truly beautiful and deserves much more appreciation. The characters like Yasusada, Kashuu, Nikkari Aoe leaves you awed.

Genre: Fantasy
Episode: 12

"No matter how sad my past is, it is because of that past that I'm here now." - Yasusada

9. Zankyou no Terror

Underappreciated Anime - Zankyou no Terror

Zankyou no Terror is a brilliant anime which touches sensitive topics such as human experimentation, corrupt government, and its consequences. The anime is so beautifully intellectual that at some point it gives the same vibe as Death note or Monster and it hooks you up with the thrill of what might happen next. The characters are brilliant, we feel connected to them while the story is tragically beautiful. A must watch for thriller lovers.

Genre: Psychological, Thriller
Episodes: 11

8. Serial experiments Lain

Underappreciated anime - Serial experiments Lain

Many people find it hard to understand the theme of the anime, then why is it on the list? Because it's a timeless classic which becomes more and more relevant as the years comes by. It's like a prophecy, which needs more recognition. Our dependency on the wired (internet), and our personality in real life and wired fights for its owns existence. The character development of the protagonist Lain is beautiful. I believe this anime is underappreciated since it's complex and intellectually challenging to the point that peoples think it's weird, but for a thriller lover it's one of the most epic anime.

Genre: Dementia, Mystery, Psychological, Sci-Fi
Episode: 13

7. Ergo Proxy

Ergo Proxy - Underappreciated Anime

To many, Ergo Proxy is a complex and pretentious anime but I believe it's beauty lies in that complexity as it forces you to think. Not only the anime is artsy and creative but also is deeply thought-provoking. The best thing about this anime is it leaves a lot in the interpretation. The development of the characters are really great in this anime while it keeps on questioning you whether knowing the truth is important or not if lies can keep us happy?

Genre: Mystery, Psychological, Sci-Fi
Episode: 23

6. Mushishi

Underappreciated Anime - Mushishi

Mushishi is a dreamy sort of anime which gives you a completely new experience as every new episode has new characters and a new story.
The flow of this anime is gorgeous while the art of storytelling is beautifully brilliant. Not only is this anime artsy but also captivating and heartwarming. The main beauty of this anime is how it lets the story stand out with fewer dialogues and simple characters. Some stories end happily while others in sorrow and some with no conclusion leaving viewers with thrill to know how the next story might end. The world this anime has created is truly creative. Must watch for those who are seeking unique and calming anime.

Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Historical, Mystery, Slice of Life, Supernatural
Episode: 26

5. Nagi no Asukara

Underappreciated Anime Nagi no Asakura

This anime takes you to a whole different world. The creators cannot be appreciated enough for creating such a work of art. Nagi no Asukara is not about a simple love story, I believe love is never simple and it has captured this belief perfectly. The vulnerability of love, age, changes, our fears, and insecurity has been presented beautifully but the main attraction is the world it has created. It makes you awed with the world we've never seen or not even imagined and definitely is a must watch for romantic genre lovers.

Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Romance
Episode: 26

" I don't want to believe it's hopeless or useless to love someone." - Hikari

4. Paranoia Agent

Paranoia Agent

Any thriller/ psychological genre anime lover appreciates Satoshi Kon's works, not only the story but the character and presentations are beautiful and Paranoia Agent is one of them. Paranoia Agent is all about how our mind makes us paranoid because of certain activities or events and how our mind is much more capable than we know. It bends your mind to the point you get scared. It's not a mere anime its a whole documentary about the insanity of a human being.

Genre: Drama, Mystery, Psychological, Supernatural, Thriller
Episode: 13

3. Psycho-Pass

Psycho Pass - Underrated Anime

Psycho-pass is a thriller anime which represents a totally different world in the futuristic era. The world represented in this anime is very creative and perceptive, so much that you can't stop talking about it. The main beauty of this anime is how it talks about free will, freedom and how humans are characterized into good and evil. The antagonist of the anime is totally brilliant, he is not only smart and manipulative but also philosophically intellect while the character development of the protagonist is absolutely beautiful. Psycho-pass makes you question all the beliefs you have had till now and changes your views towards life.

Genre: Action, Police, Sci-Fi
Episodes: 22

"I think the only time people really have value is when they act according to their own will." – Shogo Makishima

2. Baccano

underappreciated Anime - Baccano

Once you get into Baccano, you never get over it. There are many anime about immortality but Baccano has this unique way of storytelling that it leaves you in awe. There is no beginning of the story neither the end, it just shows the different events that happened on certain periods and how it's linked to each other. There is no main character, every character is the main character and it's amazing how the story unfolds, it's almost like solving a puzzle, the end is amazing and definitely worth it. It's so brilliant to the point that it's surprising that such a great anime is underappreciated.

Genre: Action, Comedy, Historical, Seinen, Supernatura
Episodes: 16

1. Monster

Monster - Underappreciated Anime

Monster is hands down one of the best thriller anime ever. It has one of the best characters and a brilliant plot. This anime talks about human rationality, good and evil. It's not only an anime but a whole philosophy about the dilemma of sticking to the right. The villain is irresistible and brilliantly created. His every word gives you a new view towards life while the main character keeps you wondering what life is. This anime is definitely worth watching, it's almost like reading a good book. Every episode, every character and every word of this anime is brilliant. This is not a mere anime but a way of life as this anime not only blows your mind with brilliance but also makes you wiser. Monster is a must watch anime for every anime lovers.

Genre: Horror, Seinen, Thriller
Episodes: 74

"Do you think your sin will disappear if you lie?" - Johann Liebert


Although being a work of art, the reason I believe why these anime are underappreciated is that these anime are not for mere momentary enjoyment but actually, it is to drown yourself deep in the philosophy of life, bitter truths and reality from which people try to escape as much as possible.

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