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10 Heroes from Nepali Legends and History If They were Heroic Spirits in Fate

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Published on May 4, 2021

Fate has been introducing many Heroes from Legends and History from all around the world but it seems that the Heroes from Nepali Lore would have to wait for a while. These Legendary Souls haven’t been summoned by the Grail yet but it won’t stop us from imagining things, right? So today I’m presenting you these 10 Heroes from Nepalese Legends and History if they were Heroic Spirit from Fate.

For those who aren’t familiar with Fate, here’s a brief introduction. Heroic Spirits are the spirit of heroes who have achieved great deeds in their life and are summoned in Holy Grail Wars. Heroic Spirits have Class, groups in which they are divided with their attributes in which they fit in and Noble Phantasm are the unique abilities or weapons which are the symbol of heroes in their legends. For Example, Achilles, the great Greek Hero is known for his Heel so it can be his noble phantasm but it’s also his weakness so Heroic Spirit keep their identities hidden. For that they also use their class name as an alias to keep their True Name hidden. Classes has their own advantages and disadvantages whereas Noble Phantasm are the trump card of Heroic Spirits, the ultimate move to overcome other Heroic Spirits in battle.

As you go deeper in Fate these things become more and more complex but for this article this much of basic knowledge is enough. Well, since I am not a pro in this sort of stuffs so the names of Noble Phantasm I have given may sound lame. Please spare me for that. So, let’s get started with the list.
*Note: from here on this article is totally fictional and fan-made.

10. Amar Singh Thapa

Noble PhantasmLiving Lion

The commander who led Nepali Army in the historic Anglo-Nepal War, Badakaji Amar Singh Thapa is someone who you wouldn’t miss while taking about history. For leading Nepalese troop in a battle against the mighty East India Company, you would need huge courage and power of Berserker which earned him his title of ‘Living Lion of Nepal’. So, I would pick that up as his Noble Phantasm as well. Maybe his noble phantasm would boost all his abilities and make him almost invincible for some time for his Rampage as Berserker.

9. Bhakti Thapa

Other Possible ClassBerserker
Noble PhantasmMarch of Deuthal

The mighty Nepalese Warrior involved in many battles, Bhakti Thapa who earned his reputation for the last stand in Battle of Deuthal of Anglo-Nepal War. A 74 years old man carrying an extremely heavy sword marching towards enemy troops with mortal wounds in his body, this would fit him in Saber class or even maybe Berserker. His Noble Phantasm ‘March of Deuthal’ came straight from his last battle. The effect of Noble Phantasm can be ignoring all the attack and damage to some extend marching towards enemy with a deadly strike.

8. Bhimsen Thapa

Noble PhantasmDharahara

The First Prime Minister of Nepal, Bhimsen Thapa, I think he would fit in the Ruler Class. Rulers are summoned by the Grail to preserve the rules and laws of Holy Grail War and the Heroic Spirits. His Noble Phantasm would be non-other than the famous Watch Tower, Dharahara. For a Ruler, this Noble Phantasm can be used to keep watch on Heroic Spirit and maintain law of the War on a large perimeter, also may provide some buffs or debuffs or may have some extends of control over other Spirits in the area.

7. Balbhadra Kunwar

Class- Archer
Noble PhantasmNalapani

Another hero of Anglo-Nepal War, Balbhadra Kunwar, known for his time defending the Nalapani Fort. He defended the fort for pretty long time in spite of having limited resources and man power with his strategies. I think he would fit in Archer class (also as many of us have seen his picture in which he’s holding a bow so may be an archer). His Noble Phantasm would be name of that Fort. Either he can rise the fort from earth to provide him buff as long as he’s in the fort, also known for having strategical advantages of its own or maybe even create a Reality Marble of that fort in which his soldiers are firing at the enemy.

6. Gehendra Shumsher

Other Possible ClassArcher
Noble PhantasmArms of Innovation

Regarded as the first scientist of Nepal, Gehendra Shumsher has his reputation as a skilled firearm designer. Science is a magic itself so I think he would be in Caster Class. I didn’t have to write a line like that cause it’s not rare in fate to summon scientists or authors and writers as Casters with the magic they have (it was a metaphor). Well, he could fit in Archer as well for his skills in firearm, his popular guns like Gehendra Rifle or BIRA gun. His Noble Phantasm ‘Arms of Innovation’ would summon a lot of arms from his innovation and fire at his will.

5. Araniko

Other Possible ClassCaster
Noble PhantasmDivine Pagoda

A skilled architecture from Nepal who went to Tibet and China, built many monuments and spread the pagoda-style architecture all over Tibet and China, Araniko would be Foreigner since he went to Tibet and China from Nepal and most of his historical records doesn’t come from Nepal but comes from China so he’s a ‘Foreigner’. Don’t take the later part of the previous sentence seriously as it was a pretty bad joke. I am sorry.
The reason why I am putting him in the ‘Foreigner’ class is, similar figures like Katsushika Hokusai is a Heroic Spirit of this class. Other than a Foreigner I can see him as a Caster Spirit. His Noble Phantasm ‘Divine Pagoda’ would summon a Pagoda which emits energy maybe.

4. Jung Bahadur Rana

Other Possible ClassAssassin/ Berserker
Noble PhantasmDawn of the Dark Age

Jung Bahadur Rana, the man whose name is inevitable to come while talking about Nepali History. The man who started the Rana dynasty. After being sacked of the powers and properties along with other relatives of Bhimsen Thapa, Jung Bahadur Rana had to go Varanasi but returned and eventually rose to power. This would fit perfectly for an Avenger Class. Other than this his involvement in major massacres in History can earn him Assassin Class or even Berserker for being always seen as a bold one in the Nepali History. His ‘Noble Phantasm’ would be ‘Dawn of the Dark Age’ for starting the 104 years Rana Rule termed as ‘Dark Age’ in history, in that time Rana had the supreme power and had control over everything.

3. Singha Sartha Bahu

Other Possible ClassSaber
Noble PhantasmShyamkarn, Blade of Avalokiteshwor

Not a very popular name in general but the hero of one of the most loved legends in Newari Community, Singha Sartha Bahu regarded as first merchant of Kathmandu to travel to Tibet. Also regarded as previous Incarnation of Buddha, his legend is famous for escaping the Demonesses in a horse named ‘Shyamkarn’ who were tricking him and his fellow merchants, who were unable to escape as they were unable to overcome their lust. Singha Sartha Bahu was the only one who made it out of there. Rider class would fit him and that horse would be his Noble Phantasm ‘Shyamkarn’. Following the lore, Singha Sartha Bahu also saved his hometown ‘Tham Bahi’ from Demons who follow him with the sword given to him by Lord Karunamaya Avalokiteshwor. So he may also fit in Saber Class and his Noble Phantasm would be ‘Blade of Avalokiteshwor’.

2. Prithivi Narayan Shah

Noble PhantasmConquest of Gorkha

The famous Shah King known for his Conquest over Nepal which unified the Nepal, Prithivi Narayan Shah would fit in Rider Class. He’s known for his Conquest so that would be his Noble Phantasm, ‘Conquest of Gorkha’. I would picture it to be similar to Iskandar’s noble phantasm, Ionioi Hetairoi, to summon the great Gorkha Army that helped him in his Conquest.

1. Manjushri

ClassGrand Saber
Noble PhantasmSword of Wisdom

Manjushri is a bodhisattva in Buddhist Culture. In Swayambhu Purana, he’s the one who cut the gorge at Chovar with his ‘Sword of Wisdom’, drained the lake and established Kathmandu Valley where all Legends and History of Nepal tends to lean. A Grand Servant may be a huge claim but to cut the whole gorge with a single strike of the sword and establishing a valley which was always the center of this nation and its history makes him to stand similar to Romulus-Quirinus, the Grand Lancer and the ‘Founder of Rome’. His Noble Phantasm would be ‘Sword of Wisdom’.


So these were some Heroes from Nepalese Legends and History and their versions of Heroic Spirit of Fate series in my Imagination. The official would be slight different as they are somewhat tweaked to match the story or even the "gender". But this is what I pictured being as accurate to the source as I could be.

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